Sister #staircandy in Queensland, Australia

In January 2019 Australian friends of Carla O’Brien, who lived in Venice Beach, CA at the same time I lived in Los Angeles, had moved to Miami Beach on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. They had a local beach stairway that was just itching to be painted, so in the dark of night Carla and her friends guerrilla painted them to as a sister pair to the #staircandy adorned Micheltorena Steps (see featured image above).

They too became a highly photographed and popular tourist attraction, but someone must have complained and soon after they were painted back to grey by the council. The locals complained, it was on the News and Carla and her friends went back and re-painted them, and now 3 years later they are still a shining spot on Miami Beach. They are also some of the most photographed Stairs in Australia.

Like her big sister in Silver Lake, this version of #staircandy is a magnet for photo takers in Queensland