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Los Angeles Stair-Walking Groups, Pages, & Resources:

1) Dan Koeppel leads excellent stair-walks, and is the creator of the yearly stair-walking extravaganza, “The Big Parade”, which is an all day Saturday, and all day Sunday event in May in past years, but is moving to October for 2016. The Big Parade is organized as a series of smaller loops or segments each day, so you can walk as little or far as you like, where each of the two days are in the 17 to 18 mile range for all the walking. In addition, there is Prologue walk the Friday before, run by Bob Inman. Dan’s on-line Google maps were instrumental in introducing me to stair-walking in Silver Lake, and fostering my love for stair-walking. Here are the links to Dan’s FB group and webpage:
The Big Parade – Los Angeles Facebook group

Big Parade website
2) Bob Inman, author of the definitive stair-walking guide, “Finding Los Angeles by Foot”, and creator of the Inman 300 urban stair-walking trek (220 miles and ~ 350 stairways) hosts superb regular stair-walks throughout LA County. Bob was instrumental in providing me input data for the zip code zone maps on the SoCal Stair Climbers website. Bob is also the author of “Finding Los Angeles by Foot”, the definitive guide to stair-walks in Los Angeles.  Bob has a facebook page, and an on-line guidebook describing the Inman 300, and I will include a link to his book, which I highly recommend:
Guide to the Stairways of Los Angeles Facebook page

Inman 300 Guidebook and other resources – OneDrive Folder

Bob’s Book: Finding Los Angeles by Foot

3) Charles Fleming, author of “Secret Stairs” also leads well attended, shorter, and more novice friendly stair-walks throughout Los Angeles, and has his own FB presence, and even a smartphone app available on his website:
Secret Stairs Facebook page

Secret Stairs website

4) Dave Ptach, who created the Los Angeles Stairstreet Advocates page, runs a regular Tuesday night walk in the Franklin Hills, called “Tomato Pie”, named after the pizza joint where the walk begins/ends. The walk is 3 miles, traverses 14 stairways, climbs approximately 900 feet in elevation, and starts at 6:30pm, and the walkers eat pizza afterwards!
Los Angeles Stairstreet Advocates

Tomato Pie Walk – Google Map

5) Dan Gutierrez, who hosts regular stair-walks for enjoyment, exercise and exploration, throughout LA County, and has a Facebook group and website (this website!) with stairway data for the entire county by zip code zones, and a page of route maps:
SoCal Stair Climbers Facebook group

SoCal Stair Climbers website

LA County Stairway Zip Code Zones webpage

Google Maps of Stair-Walking Routes webpage