Long Beach Loop

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The Long Beach Loop is a 60 mile, 4 segment stair-walk circumnavigating the City of Long Beach. Besides the stairways and ped bridges, the route also takes in many sights and neighborhoods that are not as well known, while also exploring many of the popular attractions in the City. The loop climbs 2,400 feet as it traverses 53 stair-streets, and 127 stairways that are not stair-streets, for a total of 180 stairways, with 3,156 total up-steps and 2,658 total down-steps, for an average of 54% up-steps, and 46% down-steps. The loop is a large clockwise route, starting/ending at the downtown Long Beach transit mall.

All 4 segments are close to 15 miles long. The 2019 route traverses ALL of the stair-streets in Long Beach. Additionally, other useful or interesting stairways that are not stair-streets are also included in the route. The route also visits most of the parks in the City, 65 in total, as well as traversing 28 pedestrian bridges and tunnels.

Each segment starts and ends at either a bus accessible location to aid those who may choose to use transit, or drive and use transit to return to their vehicles at the end of each segment.

This page will serve as the gateway to the table of quick links to the 4 segment maps at the top, and segment sub-pages, labeled A, B, C & D, describing all 4 segments in detail, are below [<— Presently the Segment description pages describe the 2017 route. And update to the 2019 route is in development]. This page has segment stats, and finisher tables. Additionally, there is a Facebook photo album entitled, Long Beach Loop Summary, showing the overall Google route map, summary table, the GPS tracks of all 4 of the 2017 segment walks, and a finishers table.

2017 LB Loop Segment Description Pages

Segment A – DTLB to Somerset Park in North LB:       15.3 mi – 53 stairs

Segment B – Somerset Park to Heartwell Park East:  15.0 mi – 25 stairs

Segment C – Heartwell Park E to Walter Pyramid:      15.0 mi  –  5 stairs

Segment D – The Walter Pyramid to Downtown LB:  14.9 mi – 79 stairs

How to receive website credit for completing Segments:
Some kind of proof that you walked a segment is required for you to be officially credited with completion in the segment finishers table. So please provide a GPS track of your walk. This can be done on your phone with a GPS tracking app, like Runkeeper, MapMyWalk, Galileo, and/or others. When you complete a segment, please send me a screenshot of your route track, and I will add you to the segment finishers table below.

2019 LB Loop Segment Statistics Overview

2019 LB Loop - Segment and Overall Statistics - 29Feb2020

2019 LB Loop Official Segment/Loop Finishers

2019 Long Beach Loop - Segment Finishers - 29Feb2020

Official Finishers of the 2019 Long Beach Loop

2019 LB Loop first 4 official finishers

Official 2019 Long Beach Loop finishers: L: Dan Gutierrez and Anne Jacobus on 16 Nov 2019, Upper Right: Carol Hemminger on 5 Dec 2019, Lower Right: Mitesh Damanian on 1 Feb 2020


2017 LB Loop Segment Statistics Overview

LB Loop - Segment and Overall Statistics - 11May2019

2017 LB Loop Official Segment Finishers

Long Beach Loop - Segment Finishers - 11May2019

Official Finishers of the 2017 Long Beach Loop

Dan and Joann at the finish of Seg D and full LB Loop - 700w

Dan Gutierrez and Joann Jue completed the entire 2017 Long Beach Loop on 30 Dec 2017!

Jeff Rozema - LB Loop Seg D finishers - 11May2019-Names-733w

Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Kathy Lopez, Alfredo Salgado, Maribel Sanchez, and Teresa Cavazos, named in the photo, completed the entire 2017 Long Beach Loop on 11 May 2019!