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Although SoCal Stair Climbers started out as a purely stair-walking focused group/effort, we have included on-route discussion of history and the architecture seen along these walking routes. This page serves as a gateway to Los County Area sub-pages that focus on some styles/sub-styles of architecture that interest us, and are prevalent on our walking routes that you can reach at the links below. The Streamline Moderne page in particular, will have its own walks connected to the Go with the Flow – Streamline Moderne Architecture in LA County Facebook group, with some routes as stair-walks and other routes exclusively connecting streamline designs without any stairways. This may also become true for the other styles in the list, and we may add more architecture styles in the future. What follows are a list of links to a series of sub-pages with architecture style photos, diagrams, educational information, and links to sites covering these selected styles:

Streamline Moderne (Go with the Flow)
Mayan Revival Textile-Block Designs (The Wright Stuff)
Airplane Craftsman Bungalows (Fly Away)

Walking/bicycling tour routes: Architecture and Art