Segment N

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Distance: 20.5 miles  29 stairways   965 up-steps   Total Climb: 800 ft

Cities/Regions:  City Terrace, Boyle Heights, East LA, Commerce, Bell Gartdens, Bell/Cudahy, Huntington/Walnut Parks, Florence-Graham, Watts.

Facebook Event on 22 Apr 2017

Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Dave and Kristy Moorman, Evelyn Sanchez, Olivia Oshimo on 22 Apr 2017 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Kathy Lopez, Alfredo Salgado, Teresa Cavazos, Maribel Sanchez, Luis Prado, Maria Casillas on 16 Jun 2018 | Lisa Digger on 9 Dec 2018 | Gaelle Gralnek, Marla Stephenson Thornton on 15 Dec 2018 | Jane Fransella on 23 Mar 2019 | Who will be next?

Route Features: Segment N starts out in the first half as an suburban residential excursion through the hills of City Terrace, Boyle Heights, and East LA, where the majority of the stairways lie. Then in the second half, the route becomes very industrial and then commercial, with far fewer stairways, crossing through the flat-lands of Commerce, Bell, Huntington Park and Florence Graham. The second half also provides more services along major streets and passes a few of nicely refurbished parks along the Blue Line corridor.

Start Location:  Eastern Ave at City Terrace Dr, which is bus accessible via both Metro Bus Line 70 and Metro Bus Line 71 south/west to DTLA and Metro Bus Line 256 north/east toward Highland Park and Pasadena.

Finish Location: 103rd St/Watts Towers Metro Blue Line Station, which is rail and bus accessible north-south via the Metro Blue Line, and east-west on Metro Bus Line 117 along 103rd Street.

Transit Connections:
Finish to Start: From the end at the 103rd St/Watts Towers Metro Blue Line Station take the Metro Blue Line to its terminus at the 7th Metro/Station, and then walk 3 blocks east to Olive, and take Metro Bus Line 71 to reach the start Eastern and City Terrace, or take the  Metro Red/Purple Lines from the 7th Metro/Station to Union Station, then walk to the NE corner on Cesar Chavez just east of Vignes, and take the Metro Bus Line 70 east on Cesar Chavez, to City Terrace Dr and Eastern Ave where the walk starts.

DTLA to Start: From the NE corner of Union Station on Cesar Chavez just east of Vignes, Take the Metro Bus Line 70 east on Cesar Chavez, to City Terrace Dr and Eastern Ave where the walk starts.

Finish to DTLA: Take the Metro Blue Line  north to its terminus at the 7th Metro/Station, which connects to the Metro Expo Line and the Metro Red/Purple Lines, which in turn connect to Union Station and the Metro Gold Line.

Route Description:
Miles 0-5: From the NW corner of Eastern and City Terrace, go south on Eastern to Woolwine, then turn right on the near side, and go up the hill, and the first street you reach coming from your left is Rosilyn. At the left side of the fork with Rosylin is a small stair-flight with a long steep walkway in the middle and another small flight at the top:
Climb the steep stairway/ramp combo and turn right at the top and take Milburn Dr top Luella, go right, then left on Woolwine Dr, then left again on Van Pelt heading south. At the next intersection at Ramboz Dr, turn right on Ramboz and continue westward, across Hazard Ave and up the hill where Ramboz dead-ends into an upward stairway:Ramboz
Climb the steps and turn left onto Bonnie Beach, and in the middle of the first left hand curve you come to, is a long stairway going up to the right between homes:
The 100 StepsClimb the 133 steps (even though the stairway is named, The 100 steps) and turn around at the top and go back down the stairway, then right at the bottom on Bonnie Beach and follow it to the south, then bend to the west steeply downhill to intersect Snow Dr. Turn left on Snow and continue dowhnill past Hazard Ave, with City Terrace Park to your right. At the bottom of the hill, at Miller Ave, turn left and continue up the hill northward on Miller on the right hand sidewalk. About midway up the block is an up-going stairway to your right:
Van Pelt-Miller
Climb the stairway, and turn right at the top. After a passing a few homes on the right, you reach the top of City Terrace Park:
Path down from Upper City Terrace Park
Enter the park and go down the hill to the right toward the bottom of the stairway you can see below you, taking you back to the corner you passed earlier where Snow meets Miller. Look to your left for a stairway leading up into the park toward tennis courts:
City Ter Park N1
Climb the stairs and follow the tennis courts slightly to your left, and straight ahead of you is yet another stairway at the far end of the dirt field ahead. The dirt is less loose at the left side where the grass begins.
City Ter Park N2 - Far
Cross the field to reach the small stairway. At the top of the steps and slightly to your right is a third stairway.
City Ter Park N2 and N3
Climb this third stairway and follow the path as it bends to the right around the pool. Past the pool, veer right onto the main walkway, and to your left are restrooms if you need them. Continue on the main walkway toward the west to exit the park to the sidewalk on Hazard Ave, then turn left to continue south on Hazard. Look to your left for a large mural on the park gymnasium.
Inner Resources Mural - 800w
After viewing the mural, continue south on Hazard Ave for the better part of a mile, passing mile 2 on the route, to reach an auto parts store prior to Cesar Chavez Ave. veer left and walk through the parking lot and at the south end is a down-going stairway:Hazard Parking Lot stairsGo down the 12 step stairway to the intersection of Hazard and Cesar Chavez,  Cross Chavez and turn left on the sidewalk and after passing 7 buildings, there is a stairway with easy to spot red railing to your right:
Sunol Composite
Climbn the stairway to the top, then descend the other side, cross the street, and turn right onto the sidewalk of San Carlos and take it back up the hill to Cesar Chavez, and veer left to head west on Cesar Chavez. Continue west past some interesting murals and some mosaic art on one of the buildings…
Quinn Library Mural - 800wStrange LA Zoo Mural - 800wTropical America Homage Mural - 800wMosaic Detail - 800w
… to reach Gage St, which you will cross on the near side, then turn left and continue westward progress on Chavez, to reach Rowan Ave. Cross Rowan, turn right and climb the gradually steepening hill Past the Dozier Bus Station/Rest Stop all the way to Folsom Ave, which is one street past Floral, reaching mile 3 of the route. Turn left on Folsom, noting the nice Craftsman homes to your left as you walk along Folsom. Right at the point where Folsom makes a kink to the right, look to your left for what looks like an alley, but is actually a walkway leading down to a stairway:
Floral-Folsom Composite
Go down the stairway all the way to back to Floral, and check for cars as you cross the real alley in the middle of the stairway. Turn right on Floral, and take it 3 blocks west to Indiana St, which is a road to your left and a long zig-zaging stairway to your right:
Indianna Composite
Climb the stairway to reach Folsom again, and turn left and continue westward to another kink to the right at Fresno St, cross it and turn left and take Fresno to East Side Blvd, cross it and turn right, and follow East Side past Sloat down to Evergreen Ave and Cesar Chavez. Cross Chavez to stay on the near (east) side of Evergreen, and walk southward past the Evergreen Cemetary. You will pass mile 4, and 4 blocks later you will come to 1st St. Make a double crossing to the diagonal opposite (west) corner, and turn around to notice the gorgeous mosaic tiles on the Sol Y Luna (Sun and Moon) Apartments. Turn back around to face southwest and head down Evergreen to 2nd St, cross it and turn right to follow the Evergreen Rec Center, and then at Savannah, go left on the 2nd walkway through the center, which climbs along a parking lot to a stairway:Evergreen Rec Ctr StairsGo down the stairs, and at the opposite end of the rec center (which has restrooms and water), cross, then turn right on 4th and take it northwest to Camulos St, cross Camulos, turn left and follow it southwest 3 blocks to Lanfranco St, which you will cross and turn right, and continue northwest to Mott St, turn left on the near side sidewalk and continue southwest on Mott to 6th St. Do look to your left for the gorgeous ANHUAC (the ancient center of Mexico City) Aztec themed murals on Boyle Heights High School:
ANAHUAC muralsTurn back around to face east on 6th St, and notice that the street ends into a stairway:
6th Street BetterClimb the stairway, and continue eastward on 6th St. Just past Camulos you will have reached the 5 mile mark and the end of this first quarter of the route.

Miles 5-10: Continue east on 6th St, passing Evergreen to your right, look left to the retaining wall of the church parking lot to see murals of Felix the Cat and Pancho Villa. Then continue to Euclid, then turn right and take Euclid a short block to Calle Pedro Infante, and turn left, and continue to the stairway at the Casa Del Mexicano Church.
Casa Del Mexicano 1
Climb the stairs, then descend them and return the way you came back to Euclid and turn left on the near side sidewalk. Continuing northeast on Euclid, you will see Lanfranco street to your left. Cross to the north side sidewalk and continue southeast on Lanfranco to Grande Vista. Cross Grande Vista and turn left, and continue north east to Eagle Street, turning right on the near side sidewalk and follow it southeast to Bernal Ave, and turn left onto the near side sidewalk, and look up to see the underside of the 4th St Lorena Bridge. The area under the bridge is known by locals as “El Hoyo” (the hole). Continue northeast on Bernal and right before passing under the bridge proper, there is a stairway to the left paralleling the bridge, taking you up to bridge-top roadway:Bernal-4thClimb the stairway, and continue northwest on the sidewalk and cross 4th at Concord in the large marked crosswalk, and then continue across the 4th St frontage road, and turn right to walk on the far frontage road sidewalk. From here you will have spectacular views of the open spandrel arches under the 4th/Lorena Bridge:
4th Lorena Bridge Arches
Continue on the sidewalk to Lorena St and you’ll find that there is  a stairway across the street, taking you up to the top of the bridge:Lorena-4thWatch for traffic, and cross Lorena to climb the stairs, then cross 4th at the signal, and turn left to continue southeast on 4th. At the next street, reaching mile 6, veer to the left at the fork onto 3rd St. Continue due east on 3rd and cross under the SR-60 freeway, and the first street after the under-crossing is Downey Rd., turn right onto Downey, then cross the freeway off-ramp and 4th, then turn right onto the far side sidewalk of 4th and follow it around a left bend onto Bonnie Beach, heading due south. Pass Strang, and mile 7, then turn left onto the near side of Eagle St, heading east.  At the end of the street is a stairway:
EagleClimb the stairway and turn right onto Downey Rd heading south, taking it to 6th St, crossing it, then turning left, taking 6th past Bonnie Beach to Record Ave. Cross Record, turn left, and then right on Princeton St, and you will see a stairway up the steep hill at the end of the street:
Princeton 2Climb the stairs and continue west to an alley before, and parallel to Eastman Ave, turn left heading south, and take it to Hubbard St, tur right then walk a short distance to Gage, then turn right to cross Hubbard to follow the left side of Gage heading south. When you reach Whittier Blvd, turn left and head east on Whittier for 4 blocks to Downey Rd, passing mile 8 in the process. Cross Downey, turn right, and head south on Downey veering left onto Telegraph Rd. Follow Telegraph under the I-710 freeway, passing mile 9, and when you reach Arizona Ave, the street is to your left, and a stairway leading up to a skinny-bridge (pedestrian over-crossing) over I-5:McDonnell-Arizona POC PanoramaCross Telegraph and climb the steps, then cross over the freeway, then go down the other side to land on Triggs St at McDonnell Ave. Cross Triggs, and turn left and continue southeast on Triggs and at about mile 9.8 you will reach a Denny’s Restaurant on the right. This is your first, and likely best lunch opportunity for a meal without taking a long diversion off the route or traveling all the way south to Gage. Continuing past Denny’s Triggs bends to the left and intersects Atlantic and Telegraph, reaching mile 10, the end of this section of the route.

Miles 10-15: Where Triggs meets Atlantic, you need to go the long way around the intersection. Start by crossing  turning left and crossing Triggs and Telegraph in a northward direction. Then turn right and cross both sides of Atlantic, then turn right and cross Ferguson and the transition ramp, to end up on the left side of Atlantic, heading south. Now continue south, and cross under the rail bridge and a slight bend to the right to Reach Telegraph Rd.  At Telegraph, you could turn left abd head 1/4 southeast along Telegraph to a Carls Jr (adds 1/2 mile), or over 4/10ths of a mile to the restaurants at “The Citadel” mall (adds just under 9/10 of a mile). To follow the main route, cross Telegraph, and continue south on Eastern Ave. You will pass a Jack in the Box at mile 10.7 for another later lunch option. Continue south past mile 11, then at mile 11.5 is a burger joint on the left (which is closed on weekends!). Keep walking south past mile 12, at about mile 12.6 you will reach Gage Ave (just past a Motel 6 and a Chevron station), where there are more places to eat. I ate at Jim’s Burgers, and it was good. At Gage, turn onto the near side of Gage and cross Eastern, heading west, and check out the dinosaur themed car wash!
[Dinosaur car wash]
Walk west over the bridge crossing the I-710 freeway, and the LA River. At the far side of the river bridge, look to your right for a down-going stairway:
River-Gage NWalk down the stairs, then turn around and walk back up to Gage, turn right and continue along Gage to Walker Ave, turn left and cross to the south side of Gage, and turn left again and walk along the south side sidewalk, veering right onto the frontage road heading east, passing mile 13, and as you approach the LA River, notice an up stairway to your laft taking you back up to Gage:
River-Gage S-up viewClimb, then turn around and descend the steps, and turn left to continue south on River Dr, which is a very narrow street with no sidewalk, so watch for traffic. Continue until River Dr makes a right angle bend to the right. Look across the street to see an up-going stairway that leads up to Florence Ave:
River-FlorenceClimb the stairway, and turn right onto Florence. Follow the sidewalk on Florence west past Wilcox St to reach mile 14. Continue west to Atlantic, where there is a Starbucks on the far corner, suitable for a break stop. Continue west on Florence, and past Otis, and shortly before Corona Ave, you will have reached mile 15, and the end of this third section of the route.

Miles 15-20: Continue west on Florence past State St, and in a few blocks, cross to the south side of Florence on Mission St, just before mile 16, and continue west on Florence, all the way past mile 17, then after crossing Alameda, go 7 more blocks, turn left onto Graham Ave, the street immediately before reaching the Florence Ave Metro Blue Line Station. Graham will take you along Franklin D Roosevelt Park, and the first building to the left, across the grass has restrooms. Looking across Graham, toward the blue line, there is a metal truss-work pedestrian over-crossing with stairways on either side, as you can see in this photo (with a Blue Line train passing underneath):76th St POC of Blue Line with TrainCarefully cross Graham, and climb the steps to cross over the Blue Line, then descend the opposite stairway placing you onto 76th St. Continue west on 76th to Maie Ave, and turn left on the near side sidewalk, to head south on Maie, passing mile 18. Continue south on Maie to Firestone, jog left to cross Firestone and continue south on Maie. You will walk along Colonel Leo Washington Park, and between 87th St and 87th Pl is a set of restrooms and water within the park. Continue sough past mile 19, the park ends at 92nd St. Turn left on the near side sidewalk, and continue east on 92nd, over the Blue Line Tracks, to Graham, cross it, then turn right and cross 92nd St, and continue south on the east side of Graham until you reach Century Blvd (= 100th St), then turn right on the near side sidewalk, and heads west, where you will cross the Blue Line tracks again and Grandee Ave. Turn left and cross Century, to continue south to 103rd St. Cross 103rd, to reach the 103rd St/Watts Towers Metro Blue Line Station, at the 20.5 mile end of this segment.

Post Segment N selfie - 800w

Post Segment N selfie! L-R: Dan Gutierrez, Elizabeth and Pat Schirmer, Olivia Oshimo, Dave and Kristy Moorman, Evelyn Sanchez on 22 Apr 2017

Congratulations, you have completed Segment N of the LA Loop!

Stairway Data Table

Seg# SS# SW# In-300 Zip Stairway Name Up Down
N01 150 N/A 90063 Rosilyn Dr/Milburn Dr 8
N02 452 D28 90063 Van Pelt Ave/Miller Ave 87
N03 453 D27 90063 Ramboz Dr 23
N04 454 D26 90063 The “100” Steps 133
N05 151 N/A 90063 City Terrace Park #1 27
N06 152 N/A 90063 City Terrace Park #2 17
N07 153 N/A 90063 City Terrace Park #3 24
N08 154 N/A 90063 Hazard Parking Lot 12
N09 455 D29 90063 Sunol St 41 62
N10 456 D30 90063 Floral Dr/Folsom St 26
N11 457 D31 90063 Indiana St 110
N12 155 N/A 90063 Evergreen Recreation Center 11
N13 458 D34 90033 6th St 67
N14 156 N/A 90033 Casa Del Mexicano 17 17
N15 459 D33 90063 Bernal Ave/4th St 46
N16 460 D32 90063 Lorena St/4th St 42
N17 461 N/A 90063 Eagle St 21
N18 462 N/A 90023 Princeton St 48
N19 463 N/A 90040 McDonald/Arizona POC of I-5 31 32
N20 464 N/A 90201 River Dr/Gage Ave N 27 27
N21 465 N/A 90201 River Dr/Gage Ave S 32 32
N22 466 N/A 90201 River Dr/Florence Ave 39
N23 467 N/A 90001 76th St POC of Blue Line 49 49
Total Stair Steps —> 889 268
Total Stair-Streets —> 16
Tot Non Stair-Street Stairs > 7