Segment L

Segment L – Eagle Rock – Highland Park – Google Map2017 Photos 2018 Photos

Distance: 20.2 miles     43 stairways     1,733 up-steps     Total Climb: ~2,700 feet

Cities/Regions: Eagle Rock, Pasadena, Arroyo Seco, Raymond Hill, South Pasadena, San Marino, Olga, Garvanza, Highland Park.

Facebook Event on 25 Mar 2017                      Facebook Event on 20 Jan 2018

Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Dave and Kristy Moorman, Jane Fransella on 25 Mar 2017 | Evelyn Sanchez on 1 Apr 2017 | John and Olivia Oshimo on 16 Dec 2017 | Gaelle Gralnek on 20 Jan 2018 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Teresa Cavazos, Kathey Lopez, Alfredo Salgado, Maribel Sanchez, on 14 Apr 2018 | Luis Prado on 5 Jul 2018 | Maria Casillas on 21 Jul 2018 | Lisa Digger on 31 Aug 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 25 Nov 2018 | Mitzi Lacebal, Caroline Shahin, Lisa Ung, Mary Dang, Larry Blood, Laura Kitagawa, Mitesh Damania, Olga Leanos, Sandy Hobson, Kay Brown, Dave Coughlin, Lilian Batung Iverson, Greg Martin, Cindy Lawrick on 9 Jul 2023 | Scott Listfield on 16 Jul 2023 | Lisa Winger on 13 Aug 2023 | Who will be next?

Route Description Hyperlapse Video of Segment L

Route Features: Segment L is a mostly residential route, first through hilly and stair laden eastern Eagle Rock, then across the Arroyo Seco to South Pasadena, where the stairs are much more sparsely distributed, traversing 28 stairways for the first half of the walk. After lunch in SoPas, the last half of the walk only traverses 8 more stairways, though one of them is the mosaic tiled Hough St stairway. The second half is less hilly and passes through some very upscale areas in San Marino, before working its way back through SoPas and working class Garvanza en route to the end on Figueroa in Highland Park.

Start Location: Figueroa St at La Loma Rd, which is bus accessible on Figueroa, via Metro Bus Line 81 to the Metro L (Gold) Line, or Metro Bus Line 180 to the Metro B (Red) Line.

Finish Location: York Blvd at Figueroa St, which is bus accessible via Metro Bus Line 81 connecting via Figueroa St to the Metro L (Gold) Line.

Post Segment L Selfie with Evelyn added - 800w

Post Segment L selfie!        Official finishers, L-R: Dan Gutierrez, Evelyn Sanchez, Pat Schirmer, Dave Moorman, Jane Fransella, Kristy Moorman

Congratulations, you have completed Segment L of the LA Loop!