Segment K

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Distance: 20.6 miles     47 stairways     1,973 up-steps     Total Climb: 3,070 feet

Cities/Regions:  Montecito Heights, Cypress Park, Northeast LA, Glassell Park, Adams Square, Eagle Rock.

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Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Evelyn Sanchez, Hilda Ibarra  on 11 Mar 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 29 Jul 2017 | John and Olivia Oshimo on 18 Nov 2017 | Gaelle Gralnek, Delise Shearer on 3 Feb 2018 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Teresa Cavazos, Maria Casillas, Alfredo Salgado, Kathy Lopez, Luis Prado, Maribel Sanchez on 17 Feb 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton, Lisa Digger on 3 Nov 2018 | Jane Fransella on 24 Feb 2019 | Who will be next?

Route Features: This route starts out traversing the I-110 corridor from the Solano under-crossing, passing through industrial then residential areas to Sycamore Grove Park. From Sycamore Grove, the route follows a southwesterly half-loop around Mt Washington, a scenic/hilly and primarily residential area, and includes the recently discovered Upper Vista Gloriosa stairway, as well as Tillie and Kilbourn stairways in Cypress Park. Next the route heads into hilly/scenic/residential Glassell Park, then crosses Eagle Rock Blvd to venture to the edge of Adams Square, yet another residential and hilly neighborhood, before working its way back through more residential territory on Yosemite Blvd toward the last pair of stairways leading up to Colorado Blvd at Mt Helena Ave.

Start Location: Lincoln/Cypress Metro Gold Line Station, which is train accessible on the Metro Gold Line, north toward Pasadena, or south to Union Station.

Finish Location: Colorado Blvd at Mt Helena Ave, which is bus accessible on Colorado, via Metro Bus Line 81 to the Metro Gold Line, or Metro Bus Line 180 to the Metro Red Line.

Transit Connections:
Finish to Start: Take Metro Bus Line 81 south on Colorado to Figueroa and exit at W Ave 26, and walk south under the freeway to the Lincoln/Cypress Metro Gold Line Station, where this segment starts.

DTLA to Start: Take the Metro Gold Line from Union Station north two stops to the Lincoln/Cypress Metro Gold Line Station, where this segment starts.

Finish to DTLA: Take Metro Bus Line 81 south on Colorado to Figueroa and exit at W Ave 26, and walk south under the freeway to the Lincoln/Cypress Metro Gold Line Station, and take the Metro Gold Line, south to Union Station, and connections to The Metro Red/Purple Lines, which in turn lead to the Metro Blue Line and Metro Expo Line at the 7th Metro/Station. An alternate route is to take the Metro Bus Line 81 south past Ave 26, all the way to DTLA where it connects with the Civic Center/Grand Park and Pershing Square Metro Red/Purple Line stations.

Route Description:
Miles 0-5: From the north side of the Lincoln/Cypress Station, walk northwest on Ave 26 to Figueroa, turn left and after passing under the I-5 freeway, you will come to the new roundabout, the first in the City of LA, connecting Figueroa to San Fernando Road:Roundabout - San FernandoYou try not to be creeped out by the pod faces, and will veer to the left to follow the sidewalk onto San Fernando Rd, crossing under the I-110 bridge, and in the center to your left is a break in the support wall, with a stairway leading up to the I-110 ped walkway:


45 step San Fernando/I-110 Walkway stairway

Climb the stairs and turn right to follow the walkway at the level of the I-110 southbound lanes to your left. In the distance you will see a helical stairway that takes you up and over the I-5 North transition ramp:
As you approach, you can see above and to the right, the gritty underbelly of the southbound I-110 freeway lanes:
At the end of the walkway is this helical stairway:


The 49 step I-110 walkway over-crossing of I-5 helical stairway

Before you climb the stairway, stand at the entrance, take a look to your right, toward the rail bridge over the LA River below you. It might even look something like this paining, Bridges, by James Doolin, presently on display at the Autry Museum:
The painting is stylized, with the 1937 date on a different support top than the real one (see if you can find the real one!). When I was last in the area in late 2016, I shot this image in an attempt to capture my closest real-life shot of the same area:
my-best-doolin-imitationAnd finally a side by side with my shot width-compressed to look more like Doolin’s:doolin-vs-gutierrez-wideWe now return you to the stair-walk. Climb the helical stairway and continue to along the walkway which now follows the level of the I-110 southbound lanes. Note the lamp posts that light the walkway are hanging away from the freeway, over the path. Check that out next time you drive this segment of the I-110 freeway southbound. Many people don’t realize that area to the left is a walkway! As you move along the path, to your left are the entrances to the tunnels occupied by the northbound freeway lanes (originally built for Figueroa St, before it was taken for the I-110 freeway). Also notice the Park Row Dr bridge overhead, one that you will be crossing from right to left in the near future. Past under the the bridge reaching mile one, and just ahead, near the entrance to the first tunnel, is a gate leading down to a stairway going down to your left, it may be locked or open.i-110-walkway-to-solano-upper-openingThe bottom gate is often locked, so we have omitted it from this route.
Option: If the gate is open at the top, or if there is a hole in the fence, feel free to go down then back up as an optional stairway:
If the gate is open at the bottom, you could do the Solano under-crossing of I-110 NB lanes, to your left at the bottom of the stairway, as an out and back, then continue on to the Solano School stairway (which I will describe shortly). End Option.
About a “city-block” ahead, past the stairway gate, there is an opening to the left, enter it and a series of ramps takes you down to street level. Turn left onto Amador and follow it until you see a dirt road with a pair of gates crossing it.  Take the near side road in a hard left and go down past the houses toward the freeway, then bend right and head to Solano Ave, at Casanova St. The I-110 freeway ramp dumps into this location, so look far back to your left before crossing, since motorists don’t expect peds to be crossing at this location.
Once across the street, turn left and continue past the Solano Community Garden (red line path), and check out the mosaic murals on the retaining wall:solano-community-garden-and-stairway-entranceThe sidewalk will bend to the right and enter the Solano under-crossing with stairs:
At the far side, turn left at the top of the stairs and continue up Solano Rd, pasing under the I-110 freeway bridge, and note the nice Solano School mural to your right. The retaining wall with the mural bends to the right toward the entrance to a stairway.
Take it up and to the left to Academy road, heading northwest, and continue on Academy to the next street, Jarvis Rd, a street to the left, and a stairway to the right:
Go up the stairway and continue on the dirt all the way up to the next street, Park Row Dr, turn right and head southeast, crossing over the arch bridge you walked under while on the I-110 walkway. On the far side of the bridge, Buena Vista Dr slips off to the left, entering Elysian Park. Pass it, and stay on Park row drive and go left at the fork, and continue downhill on Park Row Dr E until you see a stairway to your left:
Buena Vista Hill N1
Climb it and turn right following the trail parallel to the road, then there is a 2nd stairway:
Buena Vista Hill N2
Go down this one and turn left and continue down the street to a third stairway:
Buena Vista Hill N3
Climb then descend this third stairway. At the bottom you will be facing downhill. Look across thestreet and go down the paved path zig-zagging down the path to the road below, which is Elysian Park Dr. The path should dump you at the corner of Elysian Park Dr and Broadway. Turn left onto Broadway, and cross the bridge over the Gold Line and LA River,  which is one you crossed if you went on one of Dan Koeppel’s 10 Bridges Epic walks, and at the far end cross Pasadena Ave, then turn right and cross Broadway to the Downey Recreation Center, and turn left onto the sidewalk, and just a few steps ahead is a down stairway to your right:
Follow the stairs down and cross the recreation center walkway to another stairway:
Climb it and turn left, and continue on Spring St to Ave 18, where it changes name to Broadway, then continue on Broadway past the bridge over I-5, to Ave 24, cross it, and turn left and continue north to Pasadena Ave, turn right and follow Pasadena to the intersection with Daly and Ave 26. Cross Pasadena, then Cross Ave 26, bending to the right and heading northwest (mostly north) on the continuation of Pasadena Ave. Walk 6/10 of a mile to Ave 33, and cross to the other side of Pasadena Ave, and continue north to Ave 35, cross it, then turn right and climb the hill to Griffin Ave. Go left on the near side of Griffin, and take another long walk, past mile 4 and after 3/10ths of a mile  or so, you will come to Ave 41, a street to the right and a stairway entrance to the left.
Go down the stairs:
And turn right onto the sidewalk on Homer St, and continue northeast on Homer past Ave 43, and look for some checkered pink & white stepping stones in the parkway to your left.
To the right is a walkway and stairway nearly identical to the one you just descended:
Climb it and take the long walkway back to Griffin, and look across the street to see that there is another walkway leading to another stairway.
Climb the walkway and stairway, which bends to the left onto Berenice, which you will follow northeast. At the intersection with Montecito, Berenice ends and becomes Montecito, which you will follow in a bend to the left down to Griffin. Cross Griffin and turn right and at mile 5 you will see a park to your left and below. You ave reached the end of this section of the walk.

Miles 5-10: Descend past a park, at the end of which the street name changes from Griffin to Ave 52. Look to your left for an over-crossing with the entrance ramp veering  left left:
Take the ramp, and cross the I-110 freeway, then go down the stairway to your right:
At the bottom, continue forward into Sycamore Grove Park, and turn left to go through a small under-crossing of the main park pathway:
After coming out of the little tunnel, continue straight ahead, to the right of the restrooms, heading toward Figueroa. There will be a blue taco truck parked on the street., walk toward it. Look across the street, and there will be a stairway, that goes up, cuts to the left then goes up again. This is the first of a set of 5 stairways along Figueroa.
figueroa-walk-nCross the street and climb the stairway, turning left at the top to continue south on the elevated walkway. You will come to a down stairway, then a stairway fork.glem-mary-arch-composite
Go down on the left stairs toward the arch, and check and see if the outside of the arch is re-painted. Here is what it once looked like:
Then climb back up, and turn left again climb another set of stairs and continue on the walkway. A short distance ahead are brick stairs leading down to the left:
Descend them, and turn right and after a short walk you will find another set of DIY (do it yourself) cinder-block stairs leading up to the elevated walkway you have been following:
DIY stairs on Figueroa

Climb the DIY steps and continue on the upper walkway and you will soon reach another split stairway to your left:
Casa de adobe composite
Go down the near side to the sidewalk, then go up the far side, like the walkers in the lower photo are doing, continue southwest, reaching a final down-going stairway:
Descend it, but be mindful that the bottom is a crosswalk of Woodside Dr, so look both ways and check the signal before stepping into the street! Once across Woodside, turn right and head up the hill. The sidewalks forks, so take the left walkway up toward the train station, and go right at the next fork to climb the stairway instead of the ramp:
Continue up the stairs, across the tracks, and up the final flight to the right, to reach Marmion Dr. Turn left and turn right to cross Marmion just beyond Museum Dr, then turn left again and head southwest on Marmion, and look for a stairway to your right:
Climb the stairs and head left on Glenalbyn Dr which will make an S-bend and dump into Ave 45. Turn right and climb the hill, pass Canon Crest, and continue up Ave 45 to Rainbow, a street to the left, and beyond the guard-rail, lies a wooden step stairway at the end of the path to the right. Climb over the guard rail, being careful not to cut yourself on the sharp metal edges of the rail:
Walk up the path, climb the 22 steps, and when you reach Canon Crest Dr, look to your right for the next stairway slightly down the hill:
Walk over to the stairway and you will see that it’s a long one!
Climb it and at the top turn right onto Mavis Dr, and continue downhill and around a bend to your left. After a short straight segment, the road starts to bend to the left again. before it does, look to your right for some wooden steps leading downhill; this is the start of the next stairway:
Go down the wood, then dirt, then concrete steps to the bottom on Starling Way. Turn left and head down Startling to Glenalbyn, turn right  and keep going downhill, and follow the street on a leftward bend.  At the end of the bend is the stairway you climbed earlier, pass it and continue southwest on Glenalbyn. Near the middle of the long straightaway, there is a stairway on the left.glenalbyn-walk
Descend it, and turn right onto Marmion and follow it to Ave 43, cross it, then turn right and go up the step hill. You’ll cross Glenalbynm then up ahead the road bends to the right, but the sidewalk continues straight upwards toward a stairway:
Climb the stairway, and turn left at the top, passing mile 7, and continuing down the hill to Ave 42, which has no sidewalk, turn left and go downhill, passing Glenalbyn, when a sidewalk appears on the right, use it to continue down to Marmion, and turn right and head south to Figueroa. Cross Figueroa, and turn right. Just ahead is Pepe’s Drive In Dairy, a good snack stop for the route. After your break, continue southwest on Figueroa, Past Ave 37, Theresa, and Ulysses (on the opposite side of Figueroa), then cross Amabel St, and turn right and cross Figueroa, and continue up Amabel to Isabel, then turn left and take Isabel one short block to Glenalbyn, turn right and continue up Glenalbynand passing the 8 mile mark, and at the fork go right onto Beech St, and look to your left for a large succulent plant hiding the entrance to the lower Vista Gloriosa stairway.
climb the stairway and at the top, turn left onto Vista Gloriosa, and look to your right, and after passing one house, you will find the next stairway:
Climb the stairs, then the narrow road, and at the top, go to your left and descend on Vista Gloriosa Rd, all theway down the hill, passingthe bottom of the stairway you just climbed, taking you back to Beech St. Turn left and continue north and uphill on Beech, which ends as a through street, but continues as a walking path up the hill. Follow the path all the way up to, you guessed it, Glenalbyn (again!), and turn right, then go left at the fork onto Beech and climb the steep narrow street – do watch for cars – past where the name changes to Montalvo St, and intersects with Andalusia Ave and Lotus St. Take Andalusia to the left and after the left bend, continue northwest up the street to Etta, where Andalusia changes name to Ave 37, and continue northwest on Ave 37, to mile 9 just before Mayfair Dr, and then you will pass San Rafael,  and after another 3/10s of a mile, Ave 37 bends to the left, crosses Killarney, changes name to Roseview, then forks.  Take the right fork, Tacoma Ave, and follow it down to Cliff Dr, turn right and follow Cliff to where it ends into Future St, where Future is to your right, and straight ahead is also Future St. Go straight ahead on Future, continuing downhill until it ends into Kemper St. Bend to the right, and follow Kemper to where it makes a bend to the right and changes name to Tillie Ct. You have reached Mile 10 and the end of this second section of the route.

Miles 10-15: Continue northward up Tillie Ct, and you will reach the Tillie stairway:
Climb the long stairway/walkway combo, and at the top, turn right and down the hill at the far end of the block, you can see the next stairway:
Walk down the hill to the stairway and climb it, and continue straight forward on Kilbourn, then go hard left onto Killarney, pass Randall, then left on Burnell, going down the very-steep hill, and at the bottom go right onto Future St, continuing down the hill past Scarboro, to Isabel. Cross Isabel, then go left on Isabel, crossing Ave 33, then right up Ave 33, to Division St, then left on Division and continue all the way down to Ave 30, which is the beginning of the lunch zone. Continue on Division past mile 11, to Cypress Ave, cross and turn right and follow Cypress past Verdugo, where the name changes to Eagle Rock Blvd – there will be a Patra’s Burgers to your left – and you have reached the end of the lunch zone. There are a number of food places in the zone for you to choose. After lunch, continue on Eagle Rock Blvd bending from north to northeast, to reach Ave 31. Turn right and cross Eagle Rock, then Verdugo, and you will see a stairway to your left:
ave-31Climb the stairway, and at the top turn left onto Verdugo Pl and take it down to Ave 32, go left again then right on Verdugo, and continue on the gentle northward upgrade past mile 12 at Ave 34, to Crestmoore Pl, at the south end of the Glassess Park Recreation Center Complex; the rec center has restrooms of you need them. Turn right onto Crestmoore and at the end of the cul-de-sac street is a stairway:
Climb the stairs and continue up Crestmoore until it ends at holyoke, and turn right and take Holyoke to Arthur, and turn left onto the near side of Arthur, and walk up the hill. In a little over a tenth of a mile, there will be a long stairway between houses to your left:
Climb the long stairway and turn left at the top and continue climbing the steepening hill. At Parish, Yorkshire changes name to Lavell Dr, and becomes steeper still, and is a brutal climb in the summer months. Hopefully your day will be cooler! Further up the hill, Lavel bends to the left at the intersection with Parish, go straight up the hill on Parish, and as it begins to bend to the left the name changes to Hines. Straight ahead, on the far side of the street is a stairway, the entrance to which is sometimes hidden behind trash cans:
Climb the stairway, and go right onto Brilliant and climb some more, reaching Cazador, then go left on Cazador making a rightward switch back, then left at the fork with Sundown, still climbing, all the way up to Division St. Turn left onto Division on the near side and follow it down to Ave 42 andn bend to the left, following Ave 42 down the hill to Verdugo View, cross it, and go left, after 11 houses, there is a stairway to your right:
Go down the stairway, and continue down the left side of Ave 40 to Eagle Rock Blvd, reaching mile 14. Turn left on Eagle Rock, and continue past the spit with Verdigo, and just before Ave 37 you will reach Habitat Coffee, the last decent restroom stop before the end of the route. The rest is almost entirely residential, so this may be a good time to take break. After leaving Habitat, continue southwest on Eagle Rock, and go right at Ave 36 crossing over the SR-2 freeway, and turn right onto Fletcher. As you walk down the street, look across to the other (left) side for a stairway between houses:
Cross the street, and limb the stairway, then turn right onto Roderick taking it northwest, after a few bends, all the way down to Verdugo Rd, turn left and continue up the hill to Delevan St, where you will reach mile 15 and the end of this section of the route.

Miles 15-20: Cross Verdugo on the near side of Delevan and follow it two blocks to Ave 41 where it bends to the left and becomes Ave 41, which you will follow north to York Blvd, turning right  and continuing on York to the continuation of Delevan. Cross York on the far side of Delevan, and just a few steps to your right is the next stairway on the route:
Take the stairs up to Ave 42, go left and then left at the fork to stay on Ave 42, which bends to the right and splits off to the left at the intersection with Cunard (straight ahead). Stay on Cunard still bending to the right, and when Cunard starts a sharp bend to the left, look to the right for a stairway across the street and heading uphill:
Climb the steps to Medlow Ave, turn right and follow Medlow all the way down to Ave 42, and continue straight ahead on Ave 42 back to York Blvd, then turn right and follow York past mile 16 back to Delevan, crossing it, then turning right, continuing on Delevan, then left at the fork onto Wawona St, past a couple of freeway entrances, then crossingto the other side of Wawona at Ave 42. Continue uphill on Wawona past Yosemite Way, and notice that there is a pedestrian overpass (skinny bridge) over the SR-2 freeway:
Walk under it, then at Trent Way, you will find the entrance to the overpass to your right.  Climb and cross the freeway and when you exit onto Ave 42, go right and follow Ave 42 as it bends to the left becoming Sagamore Ave, which you will take to Shasta Circle, turning right to follow Shasta to Verdogo Rd. Cross Verdugo at the signal, then turn right, and continue up Verdugo, 4 blocks, passing mile 17 to reach Hilda Ave, and turn left on the near side. Walk up Hilda and as it bends to the right, look for a stairway to your left:

Hilda composite with Hilda

54 step Hilda St stairway: L – lower flight   R – Hilda Ibarra on the upper Hilda stair flight!

Climb the stairway to Romulus Rd, go left, and continue on Romulus to Palmer, cross it, turn left and go downhill back to Verdugo. Cross Vrdugo at the signal, and turn right, then left on Palmer again and follow it east, and after 3 blocks and a bend to the left it changes name to Ave 42, which you follow as the roads bends to the south, and intersects Round Top Dr. Turn left on Round Top, and cross the Sr-2 freeway for the last time, and follow Round Top as it makes a couple of long bends, past mile 18, to where Round Top ends at Yosemite Way. Go left on Yosemite and follow it through a couple of bends after which it straightens out, get on the north side, and then it heads slightly south of east toward Eagle Rock Blvd.  There are some places to get snacks and food if you need it, a block north at Fair Park Ave and Eagle Rock. To continue on the route, cross Eagle Rock and stay on Yosemite, passing mile 19, and passing Eagle Rock High School, you will pass Vincent St, then come to Townsend Ave, take it to the left, and follow it past the fork, past Fair Park, and Goode, to Linda Rosa. Cross both Linda Rosa and Townsend, to the northeast corner of the intersection, and continue east on Linda Rosa, to Floristan Ave. Cross Floristan, and look up Linda Rosa, you will see the sidewalk becoming a side-stair:
Walk up the sidewalk steps and at the end of the block, cross Loleta St, and stay on the right side sidewalk, as the street changes name back to Linda Rosa, and climbs on a northeasterly diagonal. You will pass mile 20 at Hartwick St, and continue up to Avoca, crossing to the other side of Linda Rosa, and continuing on the sidewalk to Saginaw, which is a street to your right and a stairway to your left:
Climb the stairway, walk on a walkway, then go down the final flights to the intersection of Holbrook Rd and Mt Helena Ave. Continue straight downhill on Mt Helena Ave to Colorado Blvd. Cross Colorado Blvd at the signal, and turn left and head a few steps forward to the bus stop at the northern continuation of Mt Helena Ave.

Post Seg K Selfie

Post segment selfie! L-R: Dan G., Hilda Ibarra, Evelyn Sanchez, Elizabeth and Pat Schirmer

Congratulations! You have completed Segment K of the LA Loop!

Stairway Data Table [update the table to 43 stairways]

Seg# SS# SW# In-300 Zip Stairway Name Up Down
K01 347 C28 90031 San Fernando Rd/110 Walkway 45
K02 348 C29 90012 110WW POC of I-5 (helical) 49
K03 349 N/A 90012 Solano Ave PUC of I-110 19 15
K04 350 C30 90012 Solano Ave/Academy Rd 21
K05 351 C31 90012 Jarvis St 42
K06 122 N/A 90031 Downey Recreation Center N 38
K07 123 N/A 90031 Downey Recreation Center S 15
K08 352 C27 90031 Avenue 41 63
K09 353 C26 90031 Homer St/Griffin Ave 63
K10 354 C25 90031 Griffin Ave/Berenice Ave 60
K11 355 N/A 90065 Sycamore POC of I-110/LAR 45
K12 356 C24 90065 Figueroa Walk N 45
K13 357 C23 90065 Glen Mary Arch 55 55
K14 358 C22 90065 Figueroa Brick 21
K15 359 C21 90065 Casa de Adobe 19
K16 360 C20 90065 Zigler Estate 16
K17 361 C19 90065 Southwest Museum Station 38
K18 362 C18 90065 Glenalbyn Way 58
K19 363 N/A 90065 Rainbow Ave 22
K20 364 C16 90065 Clermont St 153
K21 365 C17 90065 Mavis Dr 71
K22 366 C15 90065 Glenalbyn Walk 22
K23 367 C14 90065 Canyon Vista Dr 102
K24 368 C13 90065 Lower Vista Gloriosa 31
K25 369 C12 90065 Upper Vista Gloriosa 77
K26 370 C10 90065 Tillie St 135
K27 371 C11 90065 Kilbourn St 133
K28 372 C9 90065 Avenue 31 40
K29 373 C8 90065 Crestmoore Pl 93
K30 374 C7 90065 Arthur St/Yorkshire Dr 106
K31 375 C6 90065 Hines Dr/Brilliant Pl 106
K32 376 C5 90065 Avenue 40 35
K33 377 C4 90065 Avenue 37 60
K34 378 C3 90065 Delevan Dr 21
K35 379 C2 90065 Banbury Pl 132
K36 380 C1 91205 Hilda Ave 54
K37 381 B39  90041 Linda Rosa Side-Stair (N Side) 42
K38 382 B40  90041 Saginaw St NW 21 39
Total Stair Steps —> 1,857 420
Total Stair-Streets —> 36
Tot Non Stair-Street Stairs > 2