Segment K

Segment K – Lincoln/Cypress Station to Eagle Rock  – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 20.5 miles     59 stairways     2,426 up-steps     Total Climb: ~3,100 feet

Cities/Regions:  Montecito Heights, Cypress Park, Northeast LA, Glassell Park, Adams Square, Eagle Rock.

Facebook Event on 11 Mar 2017                   Facebook Event on 3 Feb 2018

Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Evelyn Sanchez, Hilda Ibarra  on 11 Mar 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 29 Jul 2017 | John and Olivia Oshimo on 18 Nov 2017 | Gaelle Gralnek, Delise Shearer on 3 Feb 2018 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Teresa Cavazos, Maria Casillas, Alfredo Salgado, Kathy Lopez, Luis Prado, Maribel Sanchez on 17 Feb 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton, Lisa Digger on 3 Nov 2018 | Jane Fransella on 24 Feb 2019 | Scott Listfield on 23 Apr 2023 | Who will be next?

Route Description Hyperlapse video of Segment K

Route Features: This route starts out traversing the I-110 corridor from the Solano under-crossing, passing through industrial then residential areas to Sycamore Grove Park. From Sycamore Grove, the route follows a southwesterly half-loop around Mt Washington, a scenic/hilly and primarily residential area, and includes the recently discovered Upper Vista Gloriosa stairway, as well as Tillie and Kilbourn stairways in Cypress Park. Next the route heads into hilly/scenic/residential Glassell Park, then crosses Eagle Rock Blvd to venture to the edge of Adams Square, yet another residential and hilly neighborhood, before working its way back through more residential territory on Yosemite Blvd toward the last pair of stairways leading up to Colorado Blvd at Mt Helena Ave.

Start Location: Lincoln/Cypress Metro L (Gold) Line Station, which is train accessible on the Metro L (Gold) Line, north toward Pasadena, or south to Union Station.

Finish Location: Figueroa St at La Loma Rd, which is bus accessible on Figueroa, via Metro Bus Line 81 to the Metro L (Gold) Line, or Metro Bus Line 180 to the Metro B (Red) Line.



Post Seg K Selfie

Post segment selfie! L-R: Dan G., Hilda Ibarra, Evelyn Sanchez, Elizabeth and Pat Schirmer

Congratulations! You have completed Segment K of the LA Loop!