Segment I

Segment I – Silver Lake North to Echo Park – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 20.2 miles      90 stairways     5,003 up-steps     Total Climb:  3,640 feet
With 4 optional stairs: 94 stairways     5,241 up-steps     Total Climb:  3,770 feet

Facebook Event on 11 Feb 2017

Cities/Regions:  Silver Lake, Edendale, Echo Park, Angelino Heights, Westlake North.

Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Jason Songhurst, Evelyn Sanchez, Hilda Ibarra, Liria Enriquez, Brenda Padron, (and Winston Songhurst, Jason’s dog!!) on 11 February 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 14 May 2017 | Aaron Veals on 21 Jun 2017 | John and Olivia Oshimo on 30 Oct 2017 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Kathy Lopez, Teresa Cavazos, Maribel Sanchez, Alfredo Salgado on 16 Dec 2017 | Maria Casillas, Luis Prado on 13 Jan 2018 | Gaelle Gralnek, Lisa Digger, Terry Harmon, Rosecrans Baldwin on 6 Oct 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 22 Dec 2018 | Jane Fransella on 20 Jan 2019 | Who will be next?

Route Features: This challenging route is almost entirely in hilly Silver Lake and Echo Park residential neighborhoods, often with narrow streets lacking sidewalks, with brief visits to busier streets for lunch, and approaching the finish. So it is a walk of great views, quiet streets, and stairway after stairway after stairway, many with 100 or more steps and a handful with over 190 steps! The first 11 miles are the challenging Silver Lake portion, including a visit to the Silver Lake Recreation Area, with lunch on busy Sunset Dr, followed by the last 9 miles in the Echo Park region, including a number of 100+ steps stairways – one with over 200 steps – early in the section, with a visit to the southern end of Echo Park Lake, finishing with a less demanding trek west along Bellevue, followed by a short walk along Beverly, ending at the Original Tommy’s Burgers! This route has 4 of the top 10 stairways in Silver Lake, each with with over 200 steps, and has another handful in the 180 to 200 step range, so while it has fewer top 10 stairways then Segment H, it does have about 1,050 more up-steps and 35 more stairways! The people who did both H and I agree that the tougher stairways, especially those at the end make Segment H tougher!

Start Location:  Riverside Dr and Allesandro St, which is bus accessible via the Metro Bus Line 96 on Riverside, and Metro Bus Line 603, on Allesandro, that both connect to Rail Stations.

Finish Location: Beverly Blvd and Rampart Blvd (at The Original Tommy’s!), which is bus accessible via Metro Bus Line 603 on Rampart, and Metro Bus Line 14 on Beverly, that both connect to rail stations.

Transit Connections:
Finish to Start: Take Metro Bus Line 603 north on Rampart St, to reach the start on Allesandro Dr at Riverside Dr.

DTLA to Start: Take Metro Bus Line 96 from Union Station or Civic Center/Grand Park Metro Rail Stations, to the start on Riverside, at Allesandro.

Finish to DTLA: Take the Metro Bus Line 603 on Rampart, southbound to the Westlake/MacArthur Park Station, and take the Metro Red/Purple Line Train east to DTLA. Or take Metro Bus Line 14 on Beverly, that connects to the Civic Center/rand Park, or Pershing Square Metro Rail Stations, connecting to the Metro Red/Purple Line Trains.

Route Description:
Miles 0-5: From the southeastern corner of Allesandro at Riverside, go southwest, up the hill on the sidewalk on Alesandro, cross Rosebud, then turn left on Elmoran, which looks more like a driveway than a street, and just ahead and to the left is the beginning of the Elmoran (Via Artis) stairway. The steps are made of wood and gravel and are sometimes over grown with plants.


95 step Elmoran stairway: L – Entrance                  R – Wood and gravel step construction

At the top of the stairway you veer right onto Alvarado, and follow it all the way down the hill to Whitmore, turn left and head up the hill on Whitmore to Peru, and make a left. At the end of Peru is a stairway, take it up to Walcott way, turn left and go up the steep hill, and just past the continuation of Peru (down to your left), you will look right for the Landa St stairway and go down to the street and continue to Whitmore.


L – 114 step Peru St stairway          R – 14

Go right on Whitmore, then left on Landa, and climb the hill. At the top of the hill is a fork, Landa goes left and you go right onto Fellowship Parkway, as very narrow street. Follow it up the hill bending to the left near the top, where it ends into a private driveway. At the far left of the driveway are cinder block stairs that certainly look private, but is in fact a public stairway.


132 step Lemoyne North stairway. Note the cinder-block, then wooden steps.

Climb these steep then later more shallow steps all the way up to gate, which is unlocked, open it and continue past a hammock to your right up past an artificial stream, also on the right, now walking on bricks, and at the top, you will come to a concrete stairway.
lemoyne-s                                      Descend the stairs to Cerro Gordo St and turn right onto the sidewalk. Follow Cerro Gordo to the Y with Lake Shore, and cross to the left onto the right hand sidewalk on Lake Shore, and go down the hill past Cove and Baxter, and turn right onto Ewing, staying on the right hand sidewalk. You will see a stairway to your left.
Climb the stairs and cross the crosswalk on Alvarado, then turn left onto the sidewalk. Continue downhill on Alvarado past Ewing and cross Duane, then turn right and go down the steep hill all the way to where Duane intersects Allesandro. If you need snacks or fluids, there is a market to your left. Otherwise, turn right, cross Duane, and continue up Allesandro to reach Ewing, cross Ewing and turn right going up the steep sidewalk, and the side stairs, all the way to where they end in a driveway.
Cross the street to the opposite side (southwest) and go down the side stairs on that side of the street, and at the bottom, cross again to your right and continue on Allesandro to Fargo St, and turn right heading up the very sidewalk. There are 17 side-stair steps ahead.
Climb them, then cross to the north side of Fargo and come back down the hill once again to Allesandro and turn right, and continue past Baxter, and mile 2, to Cove. Turn right on Cove and before you is the magnificent 12 flight, 198 step Cove stairway. Climb it!


198 step Cove Ave stairway

I refer to this as the Mama Cove stairway, you descended the 19 step Baby Cove stairway on the last segment after doing the Mattachine steps. At the top of Cove, turn right and follow the narrow street until it intersects Cerro Gordo to the left, and Alvarado to the right. Make the hard left and continue on Cerro Gordo until you reach Lake Shore Ave, turn left onto the sidewalk, and continue to the end of the straight-away. To your left is a sign for Oak Glen Pl, and it’s a stairway! Descend it.
oak-glen-compositeAt the bottom, descend the steep street, but not be fore you look across the canyon to see the Edendale Pl stairway (Ice Box Steps) you climbed near the end of the last segment. At the bottom of the hill, turn right onto Allesandro again, and continue NE to Loma Vista, turn right to see a pair of sidewalk ramps with a center stairway, with shallow steps.loma-vista-far-east-compositeClimb to the top of the stairway, to find a dirt path. Climb the dirt path, being careful not to poke yourself on the succulent fronds jutting into the pathway, climb a tall step, and go up the wooden steps. At the top, turn right onto Lake Shore and climb all the way back up the hill to Cerro Gordo, and turn left onto the sidewalk. Continue uphill to where Lake Shore converges, and just past the  convergence, on your right, across the street, is what looks like a narrow through alleyway. Cross the street and follow the alleyway to the next street, Lemoyne, cross Lemoyne and continue down the gradually steepening walkway to the set of 25 steps at the bottom. Descend the steps.
Continue eastward on Donaldson St, be careful when crossing Echo Park Ave, and at the end of the short stub of Donaldson just past the 4 mile mark, take the stairway up to Princeton Ave.donaldson-eastTurn left and continue a short block to Cerro Gordo, then turn right and go down the steep hill and turn left onto Valentine St near the bottom. climb up the gentle grade on Valentine, and look to your left for diagonal parked cars where the street widens. At the middle and rear of the parking stalls is the Curran St stairway. Climb it!
curranContinue on Curran down the steep hill to Echo park Ave, turn left and continue to Cerro Gordo, turn right and across the street is a side-stair going up hill.
cerro-gordo-side-stairClimb it, then turn left to cross Cerro Gordo St, and you will see another side-stair on the opposite side of the street.
[photo of Cerro Gordo S Side Stair]
Go down the stairway, and at the bottom continue down to Echo Park Ave, and cross to the east (opposite) side, turn right, and walk all the way to Baxter St, the Fix Coffee Shop is on your left, and makes for a good restroom/snack/rest stop.  Cross to the diagonal opposite corner of Echo Park Ave and Baxter St (SW corner), and head up the hill on Baxter. 2/3s of the way up to the next street, Vestal, there will be a sign pole that reads Baxter St, and immediately beyond it is the Preston St Stairway.
prestonClimb it and stay to the left side of the street, as after the first home, you come upon the next stairway that goes down Fargo St to the your left, heading east.
fargo-eastGo down the stairs then Fargo street all the way down to Echo Park Ave, carefully cross it, and turn left continuing uphill, back to the intersection with Baxter, and turn right follow Baxter all the way up the hill past Princeton, Valentin and Avon, and as you curve to your right above Avon, you will see the impressive 231 step Baxter stairway to your left.
baxterAt the top of baxter, do look back at the view toward Griffith Observatory and HOLLYWOOD sign, before following the driveway down to Park Dr, turn right go down the hill and take the right at the bottom onto Ewing St. Go down the steep hill and jog left on Avon then right to continue going downhill on Ewing St to Echo Park Ave. Cross Echo Park Ave and climb the brutally steep hill to Preston Ave. At Preston, look across the street for a fairly narrow stairway. Climb it!ewing-east-compositeAt the top, continue on the narrow walkway all the way down, including 8 steps, to Vestal Ave. Turn right and continue downhill to the corner intersection with Avalon. At the right of the corner is the 125 step Avalon West stairway. Go up the stairway.avalon-westAt the top, turn left on Lemoyne on the near side sidewalk, and continue all the way down to the fork with Preston. Turn hard left onto Preston, and you will have reached the 5 mile mark and the end of this section of the walk.

Miles 5-10: Continue downhill to the northeast on Preston, turn right on Avalon, and take it across Echo Park Ave, up the steep hill, and at the end of the street you will see the long 192 step  Avalon East stairway. Climb the stairs!avalon-eastAt the top, turn right and go all the way down Lucretia to Echo Park Ave, cross the street and turn left and head downhill, south until you reach Delta St. At the corner is the Chango Cafe, which can serve as a restroom stop. Turn right heading northwest up the hill on Delta, to reach the stairway at the end of the street. Climb the stairs.
delta-east                                     Turn left at the top and continue downhill on Lucretia, to reach another stairway.lucretia-compositeGo down the stairs, and be careful on the lower set, which is very steep. I recommend using the hand rail. At the bottom , turn left onto Grafton, continue one block NW to Lemoyne, turn right, then almost immediately left onto Berkeley and continue NW past lakeshore Ave and turn right onto narrow Lobdell Pl, after passing mile 6, and at the top of the hill, continue left onto Delta St, conning NW until you reach Alvarado. Across from you is the Delta West down, and cross the the street to continue on the sidewalk on Alvarado, heading NE, until you see another stairway, in the Alvarado Median, going up.
alvarado-median                                Climb the stairs and turn left, continuing northeast on Alvarado, turn left at Aaron, go down the hill to Glendale, then right and take Glendale two streets up the hill to Clifford St. Across from you and to the right will be a railing leading to an under-crossing of Glendale Blvd, with stairs.clifford-pucCross under Glendale, then head SE on Glendale, down the hill, passing Aaron, then turn right onto Effie. The buildings to your right are the former Max Sennett studios where Laurel and Hardy did their interior shots in the 1920s and 30s.mack-sennett-studios-then-and-nowThis is back in the days before the movie industry relocated to Hollywood. It started out in this area, known at the time as Edendale, which is why the Music Box steps, Descanso and Edendale stairways (Ice Box Steps) were used for location shoots, as they were conveniently close to the Edendale Studios of Sennett and others. Continue up the slight grade on Effie, past the Laurel and Hardy Mural.laurel-and-hardy-mural-on-effieTo your right at the dead end the street is the lower Effie Stairway.

Climb the stairs and at the top turn left onto Mohawk St, and check for the continuation on the upper Effie stairway to your left, on the west side of the street.upper-effie-compositeIf it is open, climb it. There may be a removable link on the chain, you can use that to open the lower gate. If the top is locked (most likely), go back down, and follow the main route, down Mohawk to Berkeley Ave. Depending on whether you passed to the top of upper Effie, or not, you either do the Berkeley side-stairs then right on Waterloo St to the stairway upward, then left on Effie and down Coronado to Berkeley, if Upper Effie is locked.


20 Left/15 Right – Berkeley side-stairs and elevated walkway


20 step Waterloo St stairway

Or you continue on Effie and go down the Waterloo Stairway, then down Waterloo St turning left onto Berkeley to go the opposite direction on the Berkeley Side-stair, then cross the street and turn around an head up Berkeley to Coronado, if Upper Effie is open.

In both cases you end up on Berkeley at Coronado, and will have passed the 7 mile flag on the route. Continue slightly north of west on Berkeley and turn left onto Angelus Ave, you are now entering the Eastern Terrace stairways. At the end of the block is a long stairway. Go down then climb back up!

At the top, turn left and continue down Silverwood Terrace, and at the low point in the road is the first of a pair of down stairways to your left. Go down both stairways.
silverwood-south-compositeAt the bottom go right on Occidental, pass mile 8, then left on left on Berkeley, and right again onto Silver Lake Blvd, heading northeast. You will pass 3 apartment buildings, and the 4th is green colored, the 5th yellow. Walk between the green and yellow apartments, and you will see a stairway ahead. This is the first of  the Silverwood North, 212 step triple set of stairways.silverwood-north-compositeClimb it than jog right on Occidental, and to your left at the crest of the hill is the next stairway in this triple set. Climb it, then jog left on Easterly Terrace, and climb the final set. At the top, you will be on Silverwood Terrace again, and turn left and continue on tothe northeast to do a zig-zag, from Silverwood, left on Effie, left on Effie again then right to come back down to Easterly Terrace heading northeast. Follow Easterly past where Occidental joins, and at the middle of a gentle right bend, look up to the right to see the impressive single 108 step flight of the Easterly/Fanning stairway, now with hearts!
easterly-fanning-fullTurn left at the top and continue to Silver Lake Blvd, go left on the near side sidewalk, and walk down the hill to the crosswalk at Van Pelt Dr. Croos tothe other die of Silver Lake Blvd and conti9nue northwest on Van Pelt to West Silver Lake Dr. You ahve reached the Silver Lake Recreation Center, shortly before the 9 mile mark. The rec center has restrooms and water. From the rec center, continue northeast on Silver Lake Dr, and cross the grassy patch up to where Silver Lake Drive meets Redesdale, this is the 9 mile mark. Go up the steep northward hill on Redesdale and continue down the opposite side past Windsor, and bend to the left. In front of you, up the hill is the Redesdale/Landa stairway.redesdale-landaI have used this stairway to do some fun panorama scans to make artistic use of its unusual geometric layout, to put a new slant on a stairway photo!
Climb the stairway, then go down the step hill to the bottom, and turn left onto Castle Dr, and continue all the way down past Windsor to Redesdale, and turn right then left onto Silver Lake Dr, then right onto Westerly Terrace. Continue south on Westerly unil you reach Swan Pl to your left at the bottom of a small depression. To your right is the blue ombre painted lower Swan stairway that is the first of a triple set of stairs with 287 up steps, pained by the Artist, Evelyn Leigh. This is the second longest stairway in Silver Lake, after the 295 step Prospect Walk you climbed on the previous segment.swan-compositeClimb all three sets and take time to admire the artwork. At the top, after you catch your breath, veer left and continue downhill on Webster Ave, then left again onto Dillon, and then right onto Effie and go all the way down the steep grade to Redcliff St. Turn left and go straight southwest until you reach the next stairway, just before the road curves, this is the Cicero Stairway.cicero-compositeClimb the stairway,and at the top you will have reached the 10 mile mark and the end of this section of the walk.

Miles 10-15: At the top of the Cicero stairway, turn left and take Cicero to Effie, turn right,  then at the next intersection of Effie, Rotary and Dillon, make a 90 degree turn to the left to go down Rotary. After a 90 degree bend to the right, at the bottom of a depression is the start of the down going Effie/Rotary stairway. Note the artwork on the retaining walls.effie-rotary-composite
At the bottom, continue down Effie, then turn right on Westerly Terrace, and take it southwest past Berkeley, and all the way to the top of the hill at Elevado St. Go right on Elevado, and at the bottom of the dip in the road, at left, is the top of the Elevado stairway.elevado-compositeDescend the stairway, then turn left onto Hamilton Way, then an immediate right onto Westerly Terrace and won the hill to Sunset. Go right on Sunset and after passing Descanso, you will pass the Ali Mama Cafe and turn right onto the far side walkway. Ahead are the Murray Dr steps, adorned with Piano Keys, care of Corinne Carrey (#StairTempo).

Climb the stairs and at the fork at the top, go right climbing up Murray Dr, passing the 11 mile mark en route. Near the top of the hill to your left is the entrance to the down going Hamilton Murray Stairway.
hamilton-murray-loking-downGo down, then turn right onto Hamilton way, taking it to Micheltorena, then cross the street, turn left, taking Micheltorena down the hill to Sunset. Cross Sunset, and you have reached the lunch stop. There are places to eat in both directions on Sunset. After you finish lunch, resume walking on the Lower Micheltorena walkway which leads to Corinne Carrey’s artwork of stripes and hearts on the lower Michetorena stairway (#StairCandy).micheltorena-hearts-newThe upper flights of this stairway also have tilted hearts.
At the top, cross Larissa and go up the Upper Micheltorena stairway, noting the new stripes, and some older and more worn word phrases on the steps.upper-micheltorena-compositeAt the top, do a turnaround and come back down the stairway, and make a right on Larissa, going down the hill. To your left about half way don the hill, between the foliage, are some nice views of the Piano Keys stairway to your left across Sunset, that you climbed shortly before lunch. At the bottom of the hill, where Larissa meets Descanso, look to your right to find the Descanso stairway, that was featured in a “talkie” remake of a classic silent film.


138 step Descanso Dr stairway, featured in the 1945 film, It’s Your Move

Here is a clip from the the 1945 film, It’s Your Move, featuring the Descanso Dr stairway. For those that may be interested, here is the Full It’s Your Move film. Climb the steps, and at the top, turn left and cross the street (Descanso) and turn right onto Robinson St, continuing around the bend and down hill. At the place where the road straightens out, there is a well hidden stairway to the left, by a hedgerow, often obscured by trash bins.dillon-robinson-compositeGo down the stairs and turn left, climbing the sidewalk on Dillon over the top and down to Vendome St. In front of you is a 13 step stairway going down across the median.
dillon-downGo down this stairway then across Vendome to the sidewalk, turn left and walk ahead to the small park just ahead. This is Laurel and Hardy Park. Walk across the park to the far northeast corner and look across to your left. You will see the entrance to the Music Box Steps, labeled with a signpost. Cross to the steps, and recognize that The Music Box Steps were named after the Academy Award winning 1932 Laurel & Hardy film, The Music Box.


Music Box Steps, named after the 1932 Laurel & Hardy film. Inlaid plaque is on the 3rd step.

There is a bit of movie history that connects the two “talkie” films, The Music Box, and It’s Your Move, as both are remakes of the earlier and very successful 1927 Laurel & Hardy silent film, Hats Off, Directed by Hal Yates. That film was lost, but Laurel and Hardy, with a different Director, James Parrott, changed the story from carrying a washing machine to carrying a music box up the same stairway, and the rest is Academy history. The original director of Hats Off, Hal Yates, also made a “talkie” clone named, It’s Your Move, in 1945, but instead of the music box steps, used the nearby Descanso stairway, and had less acclaimed comedic actors, though the film was still popular for the era. One final note, a Still image reconstruction of Hats Off is available on YouTube. Now that you have absorbed the history, climb the 133 steps and climb the 8 additional wooden steps in the median.
At the top of the wood steps, turn right and go downhill on the sidewalk, then when the median ends, cross over to the opposite side of the street and veer right onto Descanso, passing the 12 mile mark on your way back down to Sunset, turn left again, and continue southeast on Sunset. Next up on the walk is some mural art, so when you reach Reno street, which looks more like an alley than a street, turn right, and when you reach the first cross alley, just ahead and too the right on a garage wall is this wonderful lion, painted by muralist Cecilia Romero.
cecilia-lionAfter taking in the view, turn left and observe that the Alley has it’s own side-stair.
[Photo of Alley Side Stair]
Climb the side-stair and continue on the walkway to Parkman, go left back to Sunset, then right to continue SE on Sunset, taking it 5 blocks up to Coronado St. Turn right, on the near side sidewalk, heading south to the next block, at Marathon, turn left, cross Coronado, and ahead and to the right you will come to the Marathon Stairway.marathonThis stairway was used in the movie, LA Story, where Steve Martin “drove” down it as part of his commute short cut! The scene is at the end of this video clip.

Climb the stairway and go to left side sidewalk on Marathon and continue past Waterloo, and the 13 mile mark, then past Rosemont to Mohawk, where the road bends to the left, and follow Mohawk northeast to Sunset. Turn right and follow Sunset to Alvarado, cross to the north side of Sunset, and continue northeast to the stairway above the bridge over Glendale Blvd.
glendale-sunset-as-seen-from-bottomGo down the stairs, then cross Glendale Blvd in the marked crosswalk, and take note of the murals of famous people under the bridge. On he opposite side turn left and continue north, staying to the right at the fork to continue on Lake Shore Ave, then turn right on Montana, and continue east two blocks to Logan St, and cross to the other (north) side of Montana, and continue eastward to Echo Park Ave. Cross at the light and slightly to your left is the Montana West stairway.montana-west                                    Climb it, and look to your left past the third home, and there is a dirt walkway that connects to the Fairbanks Pl stairway.fairbanks-compositeGo down the stairs, turn left and walk to Echo Park ave, then left again, and walk south past Sunset, and continue, passing mile 14, to Park Ave. Cross Echo Park Ave at Park Ave and walk south on the sidewalk above Echo Park. You will be heading toward the faux lighthouse. Across from the lighthouse There is a down stairway to your right.
Go down the stairs, and take the main path to your left, and past the lighthouse are restrooms to your left, and beyond the restrooms is a small 13 step stairway leading up to Echo Park Ave.epl-sClimb the stairs, and cross the street, turn left and continue north on Echo Park Ave. At the Episcopal Dioceses is a stairway leading upward.episcopal-diocesesTake the stairs through the dioceses to Laguna Ave. Turn left and walk up Laguna, looking to your right, there is a stairway going up the hill on the opposite side of the street.crosby                                 Cross the street and climb the stairs, continue on Crosby Pl to Kensington, turn left and take Kensington to Laveta Tarrace, then turn left again and follow Laveta Terrace all the way north to Sunset Blvd. Cross Sunset at the signal, turn right and look to your left for the entrance to McDuff St, which looks more like a parking lot than a street. Turn left and follow the sidewalk up to a steep stairway with tilted and uneven height steps.mcduff                                       Climb the steps, and at the top, go right downhill on Laveta Terrave, and look to your left, to see a very wide, palatial stairway. These were once the selling point for the community above, back in the days when stairs were seen as a value enhancing amenity when walking and streetcars and buses were the main forms of transportation.laveta-terraceClimb the wide stairs and turn right at the top, onto Laveta Terrace, then left on Mc Duff, which bends right to become Galveston, which you walk down to Portia St. Turn right onto Portia, and follow the sidewalk, all the way down hill to Sunset, passing the 15 mile mark, and reaching the end of this section of the segment.

Miles 15-20: At Sunset and Portia, cross Sunset to the South side of the street, turn left and in a few steps, there is a gate to your right with the sign saying, Sunset Hill, and behind the gate a stairway.
sunset-hill-compositeThis is a private elevated walkway with stairs, so please be respectful of the residents, we are allowed to walk there by their good graces, so please don’t make too much noise, and close the unlocked gates behind you. You climb up, cross a walkway to homes, much like the Berkeley stairway you traversed earlier in the Segment, and descend the larger of the two stairways at the end. Back on Sunset, turn right, walk to the near side crosswalk at Douglas, cross Sunset to the north side, turn left, and walk one block to Quintero St. Warning – Quintero is a very steep hill, so take your time and at the top, turn right onto Macbeth, and at the end of the dead-end street is a stairway.
macbeth-elysian-parkClimb the stairs, and continue to your right on the dirt road, Elysian Park Dr, until you reach the paved part at Douglas St. Turn right on Douglas, and go down the steep hill to Montana, and turn left and climb the step hill to the end of the street, and climb the stairway on the right.
At the top, look to your left to see a marker stone and a stairway up to it. This is the Victory Memorial Grove Marker.
Climb the 9 step stairway to the marker, then go down the 7 step stairway, and turn right to come back to the walkway in the park proper.
[photo of the group on the Mem Grv Pk switchback]

Go down the park walkway (cutting off the switchback erodes the hillside) which is a long switchback, and ends at a 7 step stairway, near a water fountain by the intersection of Elysian Park Rd and Lilac Place.
mgp-lower-stairwayWalk eastward on Lilac, and look to your right as you pass the end of the row of short poles to your left. You will see the wooden rails of a stairway.
Go down the stairs, being careful since some of the old wood steps are less than perfectly stable. At the bottom, turn left and continue on Lilac to Vin Scully Ave, turn right and go down the hill to Sunset, and Cross Vin Scully on the near side (east side), and head south on Sunset. You will pass a building with a large 1275 street address marking on the left, and set back beyond that building is a long private dead-end stairway serving apartments.  This 65 step stairway is optional. Climb it if you feel like need an extra challenge. Continuing south on Sunset you will also see an opening in a retaining wall with an even longer private dead-end stairway serving apartments that may at one time have gone through to the street above. This stairway is also optional. Continue south on Sunset, passing mile 16 to the next intersection at Marion, and cross Sunset on the near side crosswalk. Once across, continue north, back the way you came on the opposite side of Sunset, and just past the intersection is a stairway to your left, leading up to an elevated walkway, similar to Berkeley and Sunset Hill.sunset-marionClimb the first stairway then go down the next one, back to the sidewalk on Sunset, and continue north on Sunset. When you are across from the first optional stairway on the opposite side, look to your left for a medium sized dead-end stairway. This is also optional. Continue north on Sunset to Innes Ave, to your right, and to the left just past the telephone pole, is a 100 step stairway, the continuation of Innes Ave.
innesClimb the stairs, taking you into Angeleno Heights, where there is the highest density of Victorian homes in LA. There are also many interesting Craftsman style homes in this area. At the top of the stairway, cross Kensington, and go right on the sidewalk, after passing 3 homes, you will come to an apartment complex that has a central stairway.

Go down the stairway to the alley, and turn right, this alley becomes Ridge Way which you will follow past Douglas, then at the fork, take the right fork with is Wallace Ave, and follow it all the way down the hill past the kink to the left, and at the kink to the right, there is a long driveway with a stairway at the back, to your left.
wallace                                 Turn left and climb the stairway, then right at the top, to go down Edgeware all the way to Bellevue Ave, then turn right. You will follow Bellevue, sometimes as street, and other times as stairs, with some diverson for other stairways, as you work your way west. Continue west on Bellevue past Echo Park Ave and mile 17, observing Echo Park Lake to your right. At the next block at Glendale Blvd, Bellevue becomes a stairway!
glendale-bellevueCross the street and climb the stairs, taking the long walkway all the way to Belmont Ave, turn right, and continue to the next block at Clinton St. There is a stairway to your right, going down to Glendale Blvd.clinton-st-composite
At the bottom, turn left on Glendale, continue to the next stairway at Kent St, and climb it.
Most of the way to the top is a perpendicular stairway, to your left, climb it, cross to the sidewalk, then turn right to continue on Kent St, until you reach Alvarado. Jog left on Alvarado and cross at the signal to the opposite side of Alvarado at the continuation of Kent. Once across turn left and continue southwest on Alvarado past Clinton and Bellevue, and the freeway on-ramp.  To your right is a stairway that is half of an over-crossing pair. Climb the stairway to the bus stop along the freeway and go down the opposite side stairway to the opposite side of Alvarado following the red line path, and proceed under the freeway to the southern pair of stairways and repeat the procedure, up, across, then down following the blue line path northward and cross under the freeway a second time.alvarado-poc-of-i-101-pair-compositeOnce past the freeway, continue north to Bellevue and make a left. After a short block, Bellevue becomes a pale-blue painted stairway on the left side.
bellevue-alvarado-epl-tourClimb the stairway, and continue on the sidewalk of Bellevue up the hill, past Rosemont and at Waterloo, continue on the walkway into the access road to the former Queen of Angels hospital, now called the Dream Center. This hospital was where most LA resident births occurred in the 1930s through 50s.  it was obsolete by the 1980s and is now owned by a youth organization. Continue past the hospital, and the access road becomes a stairway, right at the 18 mile mark.
bellevue-coronadoAt the bottom, continue on the left side of Bellevue, heading past 5 blocks to London St. cross London, then veer left and go down the hill and follow the street to the right. When you reach the bend to the left, look to your right for the Reno St stairway.reno                            Climb the stairs and turn left when you reach Bellevue. Go left on Bellevue, and cross Silver Lake Blvd at the signal, turn left and follow Silver lake Blvd down the hill and cross under the I-101 freeway. After crossing under the freeway, you will cross under a 2nd bridge under Temple St (which you will soon be crossing!).  After crossing under the bridge, look to your right for a stairway, the last one of the day, #80, the Hoover St stairway!
hoover-bridge                           Climb the stairs, and turn right onto the sidewalk on Temple, and continue uphill on the bridge, passing mile 19 at the end of the bridge. Continue for another two blocks to Robinson St (yes, this is the same Robinson you were on earlier in the day), turn right and continue two blocks to Beverly Blvd. Turn left on the near side sidewalk, and continue on Beverly for 1/2 mile to the intersection with Rampart Street. Cross Rampart at mile 20, to end at Tommy’s Burgers!  I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a post walk burger!tommys-burgersCongratulations, you have reached the end of Segment I, and the segments are easier after this 86/89 stairway monster!  And here is our post-segment selfie at Tommy’s:

Stairway Data Table

Seg# SS# SW# In-300 Zip Stairway Name Up Down
I01 234 F19 90039 El Moran 95
I02 235 F18 90039 Peru St 114
I03 236 F17 90039 Landa St 146
I04 237 F16 90026 N Lemoyne St 132
I05 238 F16 90026 S Lemoyne St 30
I08 239 F10 90039 E Ewing St 129
I09 240 F11 90039 Ewing St N Side-Stair 58
I10 241 F11 90039 Ewing St S Side-Stair 53
I06 242 F14 90039 Oak Glen Pl 58
I07 243 F15 90039 Loma Vista Pl 181
I11 244 F12 90039 Fargo St Side-Stair 17
I12 245 F13 90039 Cove St 198
I13 246 F4 90026 W Donaldson St 25
I14 247 F5 90026 E Donaldson St 143
I15 248 F3 90026 Curran St 129
I16 249 N/A 90026 Cerro Gordo North Side-Stair 18
I17 250 N/A 90026 Cerro Gordo South Side-Stair 24
I18 251 F6 90026 Preston Ave 39
I19 252 F7 90026 E Fargo St 29
I20 253 F2 90026 Baxter St 231
I21 254 F8 90026 Far E Ewing 25 8
I22 255 F9 90026 W Avalon St 125
I23 256 F1 90026 E Avalon St 192
I24 257 E56 90026 E Delta St 125
I25 258 E55 90026 Lucretia Ave 66
I26 259 E54 90026 W Delta St 31
I27 260 E53 90026 Alvarado Median 37
I28 261 N/A 90026 Clifford St PUC of Glendale Bl 22 21
I29 262 E52 90026 Lower E Effie 101
I30 263 E52 90026 Upper E Effie 81
I31 264 E50 90026 Waterloo St 20
I32 265 E51 90026 Berkeley Ave 20 15
I33 266 E49 90026 Angelus St 181 181
I34 267 E47 90026 S Easterly/Sherwood 88
I35 268 E48 90026 S Occidental/Easterly 80
I36 269 E44 90026 Silver Lake/Occidental 33
I37 270 E45 90026 N Occidental/Easterly 76
I38 271 E46 90026 N Easterly/Sherwood 103
I39 272 E43 90026 Easterly/Fanning 108
I40 273 E42 90026 Redesdale/Landa 84
I41 274 E41 90026 Lower Swan Pl 77
I42 275 E40 90026 Middle Swan Pl 110
I43 276 E39 90026 Upper Swan Pl 100
I44 277 E38 90026 Cicero Dr 90
I45 278 E37 90026 Effie/Rotary 82
I46 279 E36 90026 Elevado St 102
I47 280 E35 90026 Murray Dr (Piano Keys) 90
I48 281 E34 90026 Hamilton/Murray 83
I49 282 E33 90026 Lower Micheltorena 109
I50 283 E32 90026 Upper Micheltorena 96 96
I51 284 E31 90026 Descanso Dr 138
I52 285 E28 90026 Dillon/Robinson 66
I53 286 E29 90026 Dillon St 13
I54 287 E30 90026 Music Box Steps 133
I55 86 N/A 90026 Descanso Median 8
I56 288 N/A 90026 Garcia Alley Side-Stair 10
I57 289 E27 90026 Marathon St 60
I58 290 E26 90026 Glendal/Sunset 40
I59 291 E25 90026 W Montana St 89
I60 292 E24 90026 Fairbanks Pl 27
I61 87 E23 90026 Echo Park Lake NE 13
I62 88 E22 90026 Echo Park Lake SE 13
I63 89 E21 90026 Church Stairway 24
I64 293 E20 90026 Crosby Pl 85
I65 294 E19 90026 McDuff St 74
I66 295 E18 90026 Laveta Terrace 55
I67 296 E17 90026 Sunset Hill 35 22
I68 297 E16 90026 MacBeth St/Elysian Park Dr 10
I69 298 E15 90026 E Montana St 11
I70 90 E14 90026 Victory Grove Memorial NW 9
I71 91 E13 90026 Victory Grove Memorial SE 7
I72 92 E12 90026 Lilac/Victory Grove Mem WW 7
I73 299 E11 90026 Lilac Median 24
I74 300 E10 90026 Sunset/Marion 12 11
I75 301 E9 90026 Innes Ave 100
I76 93 E8 90026 Ridge Way/Kensington 18
I77 302 E7 90026 Wallace Ave 59
I78 303 E6 90026 Glendale/Bellevue 55
I79 304 E5 90026 Clinton St 88
I80 305 E4 90026 Kent St 66
I81 306 N/A 90026 I-101 North POC of Alvarado 38 39
I82 307 N/A 90026 I-101 South POC of Alvarado 45 39
I83 308 E3 90026 Alvarado/Bellevue 87
I84 309 E2 90026 Coronado/Bellevue 92
I85 310 E1 90026 Reno St 66
I86 311 E0 90026 Hoover St (Bridge Stairs) 30
*I87 N/A 90026 Sunset Apartment Stairway #1 65 65
*I88 N/A 90026 Sunset Apartment Stairway #2 114 114
*I89 N/A 90026 Sunset Residential Stairway 47 47
Total Stair Steps —> 5,007 1,970
Total Stair-Streets —> 78
Tot Non Stair-Street Stairs > 8
Total Steps w/Options —> 5,233 2,196
Total +Opt Non Stair-Sts > 11