Segment H

Segment H – Los Feliz and Silver Lake North – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 20.0 miles     60 stairways     4,283 up-steps      Total Climb: ~3,700 feet

Facebook Event on 28 Jan 2017

Cities/Regions:  Thai Town, Los Feliz, Franklin Hills, Edendale, Silver Lake.

Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Evelyn Sanchez, Hilda Ibarra, Alex Rose on 28 Jan 2017 | Aaron Veals on 3 Jul 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 16 Jul 2017 | Olivia Oshimo on 1 Oct 2017 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Kathy Lopez, Alfredo Salgado, Teresa Cavazos, Maribel Sanchez, Maria Casillas, Juliet Howlett on 18 Nov 2017 | Luis Prado on 8 Apr 2018 | Gaelle Gralnek on 22 Sep 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 11 Nov 2018 | Lisa Digger on 18 Nov 2018 | Jane Fransella on 23 Feb 2019 | Scott Listfield on 11 Feb 2023 | Mitzi Lacebal, Caroline Shahin, Laura Kitagawa, Pam Graham Nelson, Olga Leanos on 20 May 2023 | Larry Blood, Lisa Ung, Lisa Winger on 16 Jul 2023 | Mitesh Damania on 11 Aug 2023 | Mary Dang on 3 Sep 2023 | Who will be next?

Route Description Hyperlapse Video of Segment H

Route Features: The first quarter of the route is in hilly upscale residential streets below Griffith Park, then proceeds to a few remote stairways in the rolling Los Feliz/Franklin Hills area, also primarily residential. Then the walk becomes a residential area stair-fest in the Franklin Hills, including the longest stairway set in Silver Lake, while on the circulation pattern of The Sicilian Stair-Walk, though starting in a different location. Then there is a lunch break at Tomato Pie Pizza Joint, then you take on the stairways around the western ridge of residential homes, overlooking Silver Lake, which includes the third longest stairway set in Silver Lake, punctuated by a walk to and from the Hyperion Bridge to catch two stairways. Then the last part of walk resumes the residential area stair-fest, this time on the ridge east of Silver Lake, which includes some stairways in the 150 to 200+ step range. Overall, this walk, even though it has about 580 less total up steps than Segment I, may still be the toughest of the entire LA Loop, since it has 6 of the top 10 step-count stairways in Silver Lake, which have over 200 steps, including #1 Prospect – 295, and #3 Esther’s Steps – 265!

Start Location:  Hollywood/Western Metro B (Red) Line Station, which is accessible via the Metro B (Red) Line Train, that travels to DTLA.

Finish Location: Riverside Dr and Allesandro St, which is bus accessible via the Metro Bus Line 96, and Metro Bus Line 603, that travel to Rail Stations.

Congratulations, you have completed super-tough Segment H!