Segment G

Segment G – West LA to Hollywood Hills – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 21.2 miles     72 stairways     2,781 up-steps     Total Climb: 2,400 feet

Facebook Event from 14 Jan 2017

Cities/Regions: West Los Angeles, Rancho Park, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Hollywood Heights, Hollywoodland, Thai Town.

Official Finishers:

Dan Gutierrez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Jason Songhurst, Evelyn Sanchez, Junie Wood, Dave Rucker, Jonathan Chaalan on 14 Jan 2017 | Aaron Veals on 14 Jul 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 22 Jul 2017 | Olivia Oshimo on 16 Sep 2017 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Kathy Lopez, Luis Prado, Maria Casillas, Maribel Sanchez, Alfredo Salgado, on 21 Oct 2017 | Teresa Cavazos on 11 Nov 2017 | Lisa Digger on 16 Sep 2018 | Gaelle Gralnek on 13 Oct 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 27 Oct 2018 | Jane Fransella on 16 Feb 2019 | Who will be next?

Route Features: This segment is two very different walks spliced together. The first 9.5 miles are a long, straight, and very gentle (nearly flat) climb inland along major streets after climbing a few stairways in the Century City area, copped from the northeast corner of the Westside Stair Tour Loop, with a few short steep climbs near the end.  The second part, is an intense and very hilly stair-fest in the narrow residential streets in the Hollywood hills for the last 11 miles, that follows most of the Hollywood 90068 Stair Walk route. These two sections are divided by the lunch stop at the Hollywood & Highland Mall.

Start Location:  Olympic Blvd at Westwood Blvd, which is bus accessible via Santa Monica Bus Line 8 which you take walk 4/10ths of a mile southeast on Westwood Blvd, or walk this distance, to the Westwood Station of the Metro Expo Line Train.

Finish Location: Hollywood/Western Metro Red Line Station, which is accessible via the Metro Red Line Train, that travels to DTLA.

Transit Connections:
Finish to Start: From the finish at the Hollywood/Western Metro Red Line Station, take the Metro Red Line Train to the 7th/Metro Station, then the Metro Expo Line Train to the Westwood Station, and walk or take the Santa Monica Bus Line 8, 4/10ths of a mile northwest on Westwood Blvd, to Olympic, where the walk starts.

DTLA to Start: From the 7th/Metro Station, take the Metro Expo Line Train west to Westwood Station, and walk or take the Santa Monica Bus Line 8, 4/10ths of a mile northwest on Westwood Blvd, to Olympic, where the walk starts.

Finish to DTLA: On the return trip, from the Hollywood/Western Metro Red Line Station, take the Metro Red Line Train to the 7th/Metro Station, which connects to the Metro Blue Line Train and Metro Expo Line Train.

Route Description:
Miles 0-5: Make sure you start out on the south side of Olympic, heading east, so you can use the pedestrian under-crossing (PUC) at Selby to cross under to the north side of Olympic, just over 1/4 mile into the route.


Selby Ave Pedestrian Under-Crossing (PUC) of Olympic Blvd

The PUC puts you on the north side of Olympic, then continuing east, shortly past the half mile mark, you will see stairway heading up and to your left at Balsam Ave, marked with a street sign.


Balsam Avenue stairway – 26 up-steps

climb the stairway, and head north on Balsam, taking the right branch of the first fork, Holmby, and continuing northeast until the next fork, taking the right branch, so you continue northeast on Pandora Ave, passing the 1 mile mark, turning left when it crosses an alley, and continue southwest in the alley until you reach the space between the 5th and 6th buildings, as there is a down going stairway in-between them.


Santa Monica Blvd to Alley stairway NE – 17 down-steps

Go down the 17 step stairway, and continue southeast on the frontage road just a few steps to the far end of the 6th building and go up the next 17 step stairway, back to the alley, and turn right, continuing across Holmby, and turning right to the northwest a short block to the frontage road. Turn right onto the frontage road and continue on the sidewalk past Thayer, looking to your right, and you will see the top entrance to the Thayer stairway.


Thayer Ave stairway with happy climbers. Go down this 39 step stairway on Segment G.

Cross the street and go down the stairs, then cross over to the opposite side of Santa Monica Blvd. Turn right and follow Santa Monica Blvd NE for about 6/10ths of a mile, staying to the right of the frontage road until you reach Warnall Ave. At Warnall, there is a down going 12 step stairway.


Warnall St stairway – 12 down-steps

Go down the stairs and cross Santa Monica Blvd. turn right and go a short block southwest to Fox Hill Drive. Turn left following the near side sidewalk (NE side), past the 2 mile mark through a nice quiet residential neighborhood – a much better alternative to loud busy Century Park West that runs parallel – past the 2 mile flag, all the way until you reach Olympic Blvd, where you veer left, and head to your left back to the intersection of Olympic and Century Park West. Use the large near-side crosswalk to cross Olympic, and once across a slight jog to your right will place you in front of what looks like a stairway entering the left side of an apartment building:


The 51 up-step Fox Hills Dr stairway playing peek-a-boo in the shadows

In reality it is a 51 step stair-street that goes around the building entirely, up to Orton Ave above. After climbing the stairway, turn left onto Orton, and follow it downhill as it ends into Keswick, veering right to stay on Keswick, taking it to Kerwood. make a right on Kerwood, and continue 1 block NW to Olympic, turn right again, and continue NE on Olympic, past the entrance to the Fox Hills stairway you just climbed to the far crosswalk of Century Park West. Use the crosswalk to go back to the north side of Olympic, and turn left, on a gentle northeast curve, crossing the 3 mile mark, before crossing under Avenue of the Stars. Past the bridge, continue down the hill on Olympic, crossing a pair of ramps, then take the crosswalk to the left that crosses the next ramp you encounter. Cross the second crosswalk, then follow the path trough the Century Towers Plaza, traversing 6 stairways: 2 down, 2 up, then 2 more down, to put you near the north tower. Continue south and walk between the towers. Be sure to look up at this view of the twin towers:century-plaza-towers-looking-up-from-between-them
After passing between the towers, walk on a diagonal to your left toward, due north, toi Century Park East. Cross the street at Constellation Blvd, to the northwest (far) side of Century Park East, turn left and head northwest to Santa Monica Blvd, make a right and  follow SM Blvd past the 4 mile mark to reach the intersection with Wilshire Blvd. Cross to the other side of SM Blvd, and turn right, still heading NE to the far side of Beverly Gardens Park, reaching the 5 mile mark and the end of this section of the walk.

Miles 5-9.5: Continue from the park to the NE on the walking path set-back from the street, and follow it until it ends at Doheny, and keep walking along Santa Monica Blvd past the 6 mile mark, and continue for another 9/10th of a mile, just past La Cienega, and turn left after crossing Olive Dr. Walk north on Olive drive, passing the 7 mile mark, and after climbing a steep hill, cross Fountain then turn right, following the sidewalk for about 1/4 mile then turn left on the near side of Flores St, and climb the hill. At teh top of the hill is De Longpre Ave (a name familiar to Tomato Pie walkers), and across the street is a nice wide stair-street cutting through William S Hart Park.


Flores St stairway – 52 up-steps

Climb the 52 steps, and turn right on the sidewalk at the top, which is Sunset Blvd, and head northeast for well over a mile, passing the 8 mile mark at Fairfax, then at Gardner, cross it, then cross Sunset and take Gardner north to Hawthorn and turn right, following Hawthorn to Formosa. Turn left on the far side of Formosa, then right on Marshalfield Way, passing the 9 mile mark on a diagonal to the northeast. Marshalfield Way ends into Hollywood Blvd, so turn right and continue to Sycamore Ave, crossing Hollywood Blvd on the near side of Sycamore, to end up on the north side of the Hollywood Blvd. You have now reached the lunch zone. Eat anywhere you like between here and the Hollywood and Highland Mall, two blocks to the east.


Hollywood and Highland Mall Main Stairway – 54 up-steps

The lunch Zone ends at the Fountain in the center of the mall, so make sure you climb the wide main stairway that diagonals to the northeast to reach the fountain at the end of lunch. This is the finish of this section of the walk.

Miles 9.5-15: Hollywood and Highland to Beachwood Canyon.
This section starts at the fountain in the Hollywood & Highland mall, right after lunch.

From the fountain we will exit the mall down a 26 step stairway, heading northward into the upscale canyon neighborhood surrounding Glencoe and Camrose, with spectacular views, traversing 8 stair-streets, with 6 taken in the up direction taking us to the 2 mile point in the walk. This route is tricky, so please consult the Google map for exact routing. Additionally, this Facebook Album for the Hollywood 90068 Stair-Walk has photos of all of the stairways in this section of the walk. I will include this one photo of a special place in the stair-walking world, a signed and lighted intersection of stair-streets.


Segment G walkers on 14 Jan 2016, at the lighted and signed stair-street intersection!

From there we descend back to Franklin, and traverse all the stairways in the region between Highland and Cahuenga, or 8 more stair-streets, again 6 up and 2 down, to reach the 13.25 mile mark. During this section we will make 3 under-crosings of the I-101 freeway. the last on Ivar Ave. From Ivar on the north side of the 101, we climb two more stair-streets between Vine and Gower, taking us to the 14 mile mark in the walk. This neighborhood is not as upscale as the previous, but still has many interesting homes and wonderful vistas for you to enjoy.  The final climb of this first section heads toward Beachwood Canyon, by first ascending the three Hollyridge stairways.


Lower Hollyridge – 61 up               Middle Hollyridge – 72 up             Upper Hollyridge – 67 up

Don’t miss the purple bottle garden at the bottom and to the right of first stairway, passing mile 15 at the third stairway, and reaching the end of this section.

Miles 15-20.9:

then descending Cheremoya St to Beachwood Dr, and after just under a mile of walking (15.9 miles), we will arrive at the the Beachwood Canyon Store and Cafe, where you can buy snacks or drinks. We will meet-up afterwards near the planter where Figaro the cat perpetually sits.

Part 2 – Beachwood Canyon to Hollywood and Western.
From the planter, over the next 2 miles, we will climb all 5 of the 6 Beachwood Canyon stairways (descending 1 for connectivity), ending up on Hollyridge drive, with excellent views of the HOLLYWOOD sign to the north (behind you), and the Griffith Observatory to the east (to your left). While the views are sometimes breathtaking, the many stairways ranging between 118 to 178 up-steps may leave you breathless!

On Hollyridge we will descend over a mile, passing the 18 mile mark, with excellent vistas of the City, including the Capitol Records building, then cutting over to the east on narrow streets to Canyon Drive, that leads up Bronson Canyon, the next canyon over to the east of Beachwood Canyon. After a short jog up (northward on) Canyon Dr, we will turn right on a narrow street and climb a 51 step stairway that curves to the right near the top.


Entrance to the Argosy Way stairway – 51 up-steps

At the top, you will loop around to the northeast passing mile 19, then southwest on narrow canyon streets. At first we will be below, then on the level with homes on stilts, ultimately leading back to Canyon drive, south of our previous crossing. That was a lot of walking to traverse one stairway!

We continue southward on Canyon Drive, working our way down to Franklin Ave, turn left, heading east, and after two blocks reach the 20 mile flag, with some shade trees along the route. At the next street, Wilton Pl, we cross Franklin on the near side of Wilton and take Franklin south to Hollywood Blvd, turn left and continue 3 blocks to the intersection with Western, and cross to the opposite diagonal (SE) corner to arrive at the end of the Segment at the Metro Hollywood/Western Red Line Station at mile 20.6.


Post segment selfie on 14 Jan 2017 at the Metro Hollywood and Western Rail Station! Finishers L-R: Dan G., Evelyn Sanchez, Junie Wood, Elizabeth & Pat Schirmer, Dave Rucker

Congratulations, you’ve completed Segment G!

Stairway Data Table

Seg# SS# SW# In-300 Zip Stairway Name Up Down
G01 149 N/A 90025 Selby PUC of Olympic 19 18
G02 150 H3 90025 Balsam Ave 26
G03 N/A 90025 Pandora/Alley 20
G04 152 N/A 90025 SM/Alley NE 17
G05 153 N/A 90025 SM/Alley Mid 17
G06 154 N/A 90025 SM/Alley SW 11
G07 155 H4 90025 Thayer 39
G08 156 H1 90025 Warnall Ave 12
G09 157 H2 90064 Fox Hills Dr 51
G10 97 N/A 90067 Century Towers W 12
G11 98 N/A 90067 Century Tower Plaza #3 & #4 63
G12 99 N/A 90067 Century Tower Plaza #5 25
G13 100 N/A 90067 Interior Marble Steps 24
G14 101 N/A 90067 Exterior Stairway 18
G15 102 N/A 90067 Fountain Plaza Stairs 9
G16 158 N/A 90067 POC of Ave of the Stars 15 21
G17 103 N/A 90067 Saban Capital Bldg 15
G18 104 N/A 90069 SM Blvd/Pk Lot W 24
G19 105 N/A 90069 Westmount/Pk Lot 16
G20 106 N/A 90069 SM Blvd/Pk Lot E 20
G21 107 N/A 90046 Mall Entrance 11
G22 108 N/A 90046 Mall Center 30
G23 109 N/A 90046 Mall North 24 64
G24 159 N/A 90069 Flores St 52
G25 110 N/A 90028 Hollywood/Highland SW 54
G26 111 N/A 90028 Hollywood/Highland NE 26
G27 160 G28 90068 Glencoe Way 55
G28 161 G27 90068 Lower Paramount 103
G29 162 G29 90068 Upper Paramount 110
G30 163 G31 90068 Broadview Terrace 137 48
G31 164 G32 90068 Alta Loma Terrace 89
G32 165 G26 90068 Los Altos East (incl side-stairs) 15
G33 166 G30 90068 Los Altos West (incl side-stairs) 27
G34 167 N/A 90068 Las Palmas Side-Stair 10
G35 168 G22 90068 Las Palmas Ave 53
G36 169 G23 90068 Whitley Terrace 160
G37 170 G24 90068 Mary Jackson 25
G38 171 G25 90068 Wedgewood Place 69
G39 172 G19 90068 Whitley/Iris 27
G40 173 G20 90068 Iris Pl 29 15
G41 174 G21 90068 Holly Hill 31
G42 175 G18 90068 Vine Way 47
G43 176 G17 90068 Holly Mont Dr 61
G44 177 G8 90068 Foothill Dr 61
G45 178 G9 90068 Hollyridge Loop 72
G46 179 G10 90068 Allview Terrace 67
G47 180 G15 90068 Belden Dr 124
G48 181 G16 90068 Durand Dr 118
G49 182 G14 90068 Woodshire Double 148 148
G50 183 G12 90068 Westshire Dr 143
G51 184 G13 90068 Beachwood/Hollyridge 178
G52 185 G11 90068 Pelham Pl 149
G53 186 G7 90068 Argosy Way 51
G51* G34 90068 Adina/Passmore (optional) 136
G52* G33 90068 Oakcrest (optional) 83
Total Stair Steps —> 2325 798
Total Stair-Streets —> 38
Tot Non Stair-Street Stairs > 15