Segment F

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Distance: 20.8 miles     47 stairways     2,206 up-steps     Total Climb: 1,910 feet

Facebook Event on 17 Dec 2016

Facebook Event on 30 Jun 2018

Cities/Regions: Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Rustic Canyon, Inceville, Castellammare, Westgate, Brentwood, Sawtelle, West Los Angeles.

Official Finishers:

Dan GutierrezPat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Jonathan Chaalan, Jason Songhurst, Evelyn Sanchez on 17 Dec 2016 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 4 Jul 2017 | Aaron Veals on 10 Jul 2017 | Olivia Oshimo on 14 Sep 2017 | Jeff Rozema, James Peterson, Jose & Maggie Terriquez, Kathy Lopez, Luis Prado, Teresa Cavazos, Maria Casillas, Maribel Sanchez, Alfredo Salgado on 23 Sep 2017 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 11 Nov 2017 | Gaelle Gralnek, Jane Fransella, Alex Rose on 30 Jun 2018 | Lisa Digger on 28 Jul 2018 | Who will be next?

Route Features:  Starting at the ocean terminus of the Expo Line, the first half of this route traverses Santa Monica waterfront, then into the hilly and rustic residential streets, and stairs of Rustic Canyon, then continuing along the ocean to the Castellammare region, also upscale residential, with stairs, to reach the half-way point along Sunset. After about 2 miles of travel through more canyon neighborhoods along Sunset, the second half of the route gives way to a more quiet residential trek through Pacific Palisades, as way to make a second pass through Rustic Canyon, covering streets and stairs not covered in the first pass. That hilly journey concludes at about the 15 mile mark on much flatter San Vicente which will pass through mostly residential areas for 3 miles before the last, and more urban/commercial 2 miles through West LA, picking up a couple of smaller stairways, ending at the corner of Olympic and Westwood Blvd.

Start Location: Downtown Santa Monica Expo Line Station at 4th and Colorado, which is train accessible via the Metro Expo Line Train.

Finish Location: Olympic Blvd at Westwood Blvd, which is bus accessible via Santa Monica Bus Line 8 which you take walk 4/10ths of a mile southeast on Westwood Blvd, or walk this distance, to the Westwood Station of the Metro Expo Line Train.

Transit Connections:
Finish to Start: From the finish at the Olympic and Westwood, take Santa Monica Bus Line 8, 4/10ths of a mile southeast on Westwood Blvd, or walk this distance, to the Westwood Station of the Metro Expo Line Train, which you take west, to the Downtown Santa Monica Expo Line Station and the start of the route.

DTLA to Start: From the 7th/Metro Station, take the Metro Expo Line Train west to the end of the line at the Downtown Santa Monica Station, where the walk starts.

Finish to DTLA: On the return trip, from Olympic and Westwood, take Santa Monica Bus Line 8, 4/10ths of a mile southeast on Westwood Blvd, or walk this distance, to the Westwood Station of the Metro Expo Line Train, which you take heading westward to DTLA, to the 7th Metro Station, which connects to the Metro Red Line Train and Metro Blue Line Train.

Route Description: (to be added shortly)
Miles 0-5: From the start at DTSM Expo Line Station, walk southwest on Colorado To Ocean Ave and cross into Palisades Park, taking the path NW to the entrance to the Santa Monica Pedestrian Over-Crossing (POC) of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), down to the Ocean Front Walk (OFW). After following the OFW NW to the Arizona POC, you cross PCH back up to Palisades Park, and continue this zig-zag, passing the 1 mile mark, between Palisades Park and the OFW over both the California Incline and Montana POCs, ending back up top at Palisades Park at the 2 mile mark. Next you continue NW in Palisades Park along Ocean Ave, all the way to the end of the park at Inspiration Point, bending to the right and downhill into a residential neighborhood that marks the begining of the first pass through the Rustic Canyon area. As you descend Ocean Ave, look to your right for a stairway leading up to an elevated sidewalk, as seen in this image:


Ocean Ave Stairway Entrance

Take the stairway up and follow the sidewalk, passing the 3 mile mark then descending another stairway back down to Ocean Ave near when it meets Entrada. Before reaching Entrada, take the 189 step, 4th St stairway that is too your right, up to Adelaide Ave, then left, continue NE on Adelaide to the Santa Monica stairs, also to your left, and take the 166 mostly wooden steps back down to Entrada. Cross to the west side of Entrada, and take Amalfi Dr around Canyon Elementary school to Channel Rd. Don’t forget to check out the pre-1900 one room schoolhouse that you can see through the fence as you walk around the school. Where Amalfi meets Channel, turn left and take Channel to the footbridge that crosses Santa Monica Creek, and continue forward on Sage Lane. After sage makes a kink to the right, there will be a stairway to right at the next kink to the left. Go up this 14 step stairway flight, and at the fork in the walkway, make a hard right to continue up more stairs to Amalfi. At the top of the 77 step stairway, turn left on Amalfi, and continue northward past the point where the name changes to Sumac Lane, and as the road bends to the right, there is a 124 step stairway to the left, just past the kink. Take this Sumac Lane stairway up to the top where Amalfi and Upper Mesa Road, meet, and look for a stairway to your left, that starts from a private driveway, as can be seen in this image.


Top entrance to the 201 step Upper Mesa Stairway is just inside the driveway (red arrow)

Go down the 201 steps of this stairway, and when you reach the bottom at Mesa Rd, turn left, crossing the street to reach the 48 down step Lower Mesa stairway, which you will descend to Sycamore Rd. At Sycamore, turn left again, and where Sycamore meets Mesa, there is a stairway entrance on the east side of the street. Take that stairway up 18 steps, then down the 14 you climbed earlier back to Sage Lane. Continue to the right on Sage to Channel Rd, then right again, to each Mesa Rd. Turn left onto Mesa and take it across Channel and two legs of Entrada to reach the Entrada/Mayberry Stairway, which is easy to miss as the entrance is a walkway between houses and the stairway is not easy to see. This photo show what the entrance looks like.


Entrance to the 79 step Entrada/Maybery Stairway

At the top of this 79 step stairway, turn right and continue on Maybery Rd, passing the 4 mile mark, to Ocean Way, turning right on Ocean Way, taking it to the rightward bend, and observing that there is a stairway to the left, that heads down. Take the 48 step Ocean Way stairway down to PCH, but skip the tunnel stairs to your left, instead going right along PCH, heading Northwest. On the way to Channel, on PCH you will pass a Chevron mini-mart as well as the State Beach liquor store, both useful for snacks and liquids. At Entrada, head to the right to find the entrance to the Channel Rd PUC (ped under-crossing) of PCH to take you to the OFW. Turn right onto the OFW and follow it for about 3/4 of a mile to a life guard station and public restroom building pair, at the 5 mile mark, ending this first section. Here is a street view of the two buildings.


Left – Lifeguard Station                                        Right – Restrooms and Water

Miles 5-10: From the restrooms, continue northwest along the Ocean Front Walk to Temescal Canyon, then Will Rogers State Beach, reaching the 6 mile mark, then continue along PCH for another mile passing the intersection with Sunset, reaching the Castellammare POC of PCH at mile 7. To your left is an entrance to the stairway leading up to the over crossing. Take it all the way across, and continue up the stairway to Castellammare Dr, ignoring the stairs that lead back down to the inland side of PCH. One Castellammare Dr, turn left and continue NW, turning left onto Breve Way, and follow it down to Porto marina Way, turn right, and continue along the road until you encounter the 86 step Revello Dr Stairway to your right. Take the stairs up to Castellammare, turn right and continue until you encounter the Upper Breve Way stairway to your left, left of the intersection with Breve Way (which goes right). Go up this 91 step stairway turning right onto Revello Dr at the top, and take it to the southeast to the top of the Upper Castellammare Stairway on your right. Descend the stairs to Castellammare Dr, and turn left and continue until the road ends. There is a dirt trail connecting to the continuation of the street, so take it to the continuation of Castellammare, and walk SE turning left onto Stretto Way to head NW, then up and right onto Posetano Rd heading SE again until you encounter the Posetano Stairway to your left. Climb the 122 steps to Revello Dr, and continue SE, switching back to your left, crossing the 8 mile mark and dumping into Tramonto Dr. Turn to the right and continue on Tramonto to Sunset, cross to the opposite side of the road, and continue NE on Sunset, winding around Santa Ynez Lake in a 1/2 mile long S-bend, crossing the 9 mile mark as the road straightens out heading just north of east. You need to cross to the other side of Sunset, becasue the south (ocean) side loses it’s sidewalk. Cross over at the light at Marquez St. Continue for about 4/10th of a mile and road starts to bend to the left. On your right is Arno Way. You need to look for a safe3 gap and dart across the street. Make no mistake in my meaning; this is a difficult road crossing because of the sight line limitations and the speed of traffic. Once across, stay to the right side of Arno and follow it in a leftward bend all the way down to Trino Way. Turn left on Trino and to the left is the 117 step Arno Way stairway leading up to Aderno Way.


Bottom of the Arno Way Stairway, off Trino Way just past the intersection with Arno Way.

Climb the stairs and turn left at the top and follow Aderno back up to Arno, turning right to come back very shortly to Sunset. Repeat the un-fun crossing to the northwest side, and continue north on Sunset passing the 10 mile mark and shortly thereafter reaching the intersection with Marquez Ave. This is the end of this second section of the walk.

Miles 10-15: The next 5 miles pass through Pacific Palisades followed by pass number 2 through Rustic Canyon to reach San Vicente in Santa Monica.  Cross to the south (ocean) side of Sunset at Marquez Ave, then continue east to the fork between Sunset and Northfield St. Take Northfield to the right and continue for another 4/10ths of a mile southeast, turning left onto Bowdowin, crossing to the far (east) side of the divided road. Head north on Bowdoin and near the end of the bend around the Pacific Palisades High School PPHS athletic field, pass the first stairway on the right, which happens tro be at the 11 mile mark, and take the second stairway that heads on a hard right back and down to the lower level of the athletic field as is shown by the red arrow in this photo.


Entrance to the Western Pacific Palisades High School Ped Under-Crossing of Bowdoin St

There is a pedestrian under-crossing (a tunnel under Bowdoin) to your right, take it under the street and climb the right side stairway on the opposite side of the road. and at the top of the stairway, turn rignt and come back to the sidewalk on the north side of Bowdoin, and continue southeast. Near the intersection with Temescal Canyon Road, veer left and enter the east tunnel under Bowdoin, and after exiting, turn right and climb the stairway back up to Bodowin on the south side sidewalk, and cross Temescal Canyon Rd, then turn right on Haverford Ave. Follow Haverford south to Carthage, and turn left to climb the 61 step stairway to the left, at the entrance shown in the photo:


Entrance to the Carthage Stairway – Note the street sign and hedges on each side

At the top of the stairway, turn left on Via De La Paz, and take it north to Bowdoin, turning left and continuing down the 59 step stairway to Haverford Ave. Turn right and continue north to Antoioch reaching the lunch stop at 11.9 miles. There a a number of eating establishments along Antioch and Sunset. Continue walking after lunch along Antioch east, then Sunset SE to the corner at La Cruz Dr. Turn right on La Cruz after crossing it, so you are heading SW on the south side of the street, and turn left onto the east side of Alma Real Dr, heading south, and turn right onto Toyopa Dr after crossing it, and continue south to the Palisades Recreation Center. Walk southeast through the center toward the tennis courts. stay to the right of the courts and climb a roughly 30 step stairway to the east side of the main building, turn left and, continuing onto the baseball fields, and take the 48 step stairway down from the field (eastward) that runs to your left down to the lower end of tennis courts, exiting the park onto Frontera Drive heading southeast.


Street view of the Palisades Recreation Center stairway you descend to the tennis courts.

Follow Frontera in a long sweeping curve to the right until it Ts into Almoloya, and take it to the left, following Almoloya to Toyopa, which is the 12 mile mark, turn right and veer left onto Toyopa at the fork. Follow Toyopa all the way south to La Cumbre Dr, turn left, and head east, crossing Chautauqua Blvd, so you end up on the east side of the road. Turn right heading south, toward the ocean, and continue until you reach Vance St. Turn right on Vance, taking you back into Rustic Canyon. On your left is the top entrance to the 88 step Hillsiode Lane stairway, descend it and continue straight up Hillside lane from the bottom of the stairway, bending to the right to reach Rustic Rd. Turn left and continue to the end of the street and cross the bridge to the right and continue up the walkway to the 61 step Rustic/Mesa stairway. At the top of the stairway, continue to the right down Mesa Rd to the bottom of the 201 step Upper Mesa Stairway (which you descended earlier in the walk), and climb it, reaching mile 13, then descend the 124 step Sumac Ln stairway (you climbed earlier). At the bottom, continue southeast on Sumac Lane, the name changes to Amalfi, and take Amalfi around the bend to the left (don’t go down the Sage/Amalfi stairway you climbed earlier!), and take it all the way down to Channel Rd. Go left on Channel, then right on Attilla Rd, and at the end of the bloick, climb the 25 step Attilla Stairway up to Entrada Drive. Carefully cross busy Entrada, and continue up the narrow asphalt sidewalk up Entrada all the way up to San Vicente Blvd. Cross San Vicente, and turn left crossing 7th St, and continue NE for two blocks to just past 9th St, reaching the 15 mile mark, and the end of this section of the route.

Miles 15-20.9: Continue northeast on San Vicente for 2 and 3/4 miles to the intersection with Barrington Ave at the 17.25 mile point in the walk. Near the middle of that traverse is the intersection with 26th St at about 16 and 1/4 miles, which has a gas station, Starbucks, and a number of food places, and makes for a good snack/rest stop. Once at Barrington, cross it, and turn right, continuing southeast for about 3/4 of a mile to alleyway just northwest of Ohio Ave, and turn left into the alley. If you reach Ohio, turn around and go back to the first alley, and turn right into the alley. At the first intersection with a second alleyway, turn left facing north and you should see a stairway off in the distance in front of you. As you approach the stairway it should look like this street view photo.


Barrington Alley to Barry Stairway

Climb the stairway, then turn right and descend 8 uneven and oddly spaced steps leading down to Barry Ave. Turn right on Barry and take it southeast to Santa Monica Blvd, and turn left to head east on Santa Monica. You will pass the 18 mile mark as you walk your way to Butler Ave. Cross Butler, then turn right and cross Santa Monica, heading southeast on Butler. Turn right into the alley beyond the parking lot behind the large building. Note the mural of California having fallen into the sea, called “Isle of California”, described by the Mural Conservancy of LA as follows: “A compressed post-earthquake landscape featuring an ocean wave crashing against rocks in Arizona, the new West Coast, and a dangling freeway remnant. Artists: L.A. Fine Arts Squad (Victor Henderson, Terry Schoonhoven, Jim Frazin)”. Here is a photo of the mural in its Heyday, 40 years ago. The present state of the mural is very much faded.

After viewing the mural, continue to the northeast through a couple of parking lots, to reach Purdue Ave. Turn right, and descend a small 8 step stair-street to the West LA Civic Center, and turn left past the empty reflecting pool, to use the northeast walkway to connect to Corinth Ave. Turn left, and continue northwest back to Santa Monica Blvd. Turn right, crossing Purdue, and continuing northeast and just past kelton Ave, you will have passed the 20 mile mark in the route. Two blocks further northeast, you will cross Westwood Blvd, and turn right to head southeast, and walk another 1/2 mile to the intersection with Olympic Blvd, crossing Olympic to reach the endpoint at the Southeast corner of Olympic at Westwood.


Post walk selfie 17 Dec 2016. L-R: Dan G., Elizabeth & Pat Schirmer, Jonathan Chaalan

Congratulations you completed all of Segment F!

Stairway Data Table

Seg # SS# SW# In-300 Zip Stairway Name Up Down
F01 117 I15 90401 Santa Monica POC of PCH 85
F02 118 I14 90401 Arizona Ave POC of PCH 111
F03 119 I14 90401 CA Incline POC of PCH 42
F04 120 I13 90401 Montana Ave POC of PCH 166
F05 121 I10 90402 Ocean Ave 34 42
F06 122 I9 90402 4th St 189
F07 123 I6 90402 Sage/Amalfi 77
F08 124 I5 90402 Sumac Ln 124 124
F09 125 I3 90402 Lower Mesa 48
F10 126 N/A 90402 Sycamore/Sage 18 14
F11 127 I11 90402 Entrada/Mabery 79
F12 128 I12 90402 Ocean Way 48
F13 129 N/A 90402 Roosevelt Tunnel PUC of PCH 17 17
F14 130 N/A 90272 Castellammare POC of PCH 38
F15 131 H13 90272 Lower Castellammare 42
F16 132 H12 90272 Revello Dr 86
F17 133 H11 90272 Upper Breve Way 91
F18 134 H10 90272 Upper Castellammare 69
F19 87 N/A 90272 Castellamarre Wood 7
F20 135 H9 90272 Posetano Rd 122
F21 136 H8 90272 Arno Way 117
F22 137 N/A 90272 Sunset/Marquez 16 1
F23 138 N/A 90272 Pac. Palisades HS W PUC of Bowdoin 26 23
F24 139 N/A 90272 Pac. Palisades HS E PUC of Bowdoin 26
F25 140 H6 90272 Carthage St 61
F26 141 H7 90272 Bowdoin St 59
F27 88 N/A 90272 Haverford/Bodowin 60
F28 89 N/A 90272 Church Side-Stair 7 7
F29 90 N/A 90272 Antioch/Parking Lot 11
F30 91 N/A 90272 Palisades Rec Ctr N 31
F31 92 N/A 90272 Palisades Rec Ctr S 49
F32 142 I1 90402 Hillside Ln 88
F33 143 I2 90402 Rustic/Mesa 61
F34 144 I4 90402 Upper Mesa 201 201
F35 145 I7 90402 Attilla Rd 25
F36 146 I8 90402 Adelaide 166 166
F37 147 H5 90025 Alley to Barry Stairs 35 8
F38 93 N/A 90025 West LA Civic Center (double) 8 8
Total Stair Steps —> 2052 1099
Total Stair-Streets —> 31
Tot Non Stair-Street Stairs > 7