Segment B

Segment B – San Pedro to Palos Verdes – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 20.4 miles     55 stairways     1,298 up-steps     Total Climb: ~2,400 feet

Facebook Event on 8 Oct 2016

Facebook Event on 5 May 2018

Cities/Regions:  San Pedro, Palos Verdes

Official Finishers:
Dan Gutierrez on 8 Oct 2016 | Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer on 7 Jan 2017 | Evelyn Sanchez on 2 May 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman on 20 May 2017 | Jeff Rozema, Maribel Sanchez, Kathy Lopez, Teresa Cavazos, Luis Prado, Jose Terriquez, Terri Orabona on 27 May 2017 | Lizbeth Padilla, Matty Barriga on 17 Jun 2017 | Olivia Oshimo, Shelby Potts, Margo Perez on 19 Aug 2017 | Maria Casillas, Alfredo Salgado on 9 Dec 2017 | James Peterson, Mike and Julie Howlett on 27 Jan 2018 | Gaelle Gralnek, Delise Shearer on 5 May 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 23 Jun 2018 | Jane Fransella on 21 Jul 2018 | Rene Ditton, on 29 Jul 2018 | Lisa Digger, Claire Franks on 19 Jan 2019 | Corinna Koebnick on 1 Sep 2019 | Kay Brown, Mary Dang, Sandy Hobson, Laura Kitagawa, Mitzi Lacebal, Caroline Shahin, Dave Coughlin, Pam Graham Nelson, Olga Leanos on 5 Mar 2023 | Mitesh Damania, Lisa Ung on 12 Mar 2023 | Lisa Winger on 4 Jul 2023 | Larry Blood, Christine Tang on 18 August 2023 | Who will be next?

Route Description Hyperlapse Video of Segment B

Route Features: This route has a number of medium difficulty climbs, with long stretches of flat to rolling terrain in San Pedro and Palos Verdes, with a number of great ocean views. The first half is a mix of rolling hills and flat San Pedro walk through older neighborhoods and the San Pedro Harbor area climbing the lion’s share of the stairways in this segment, most are small to medium, with one stairway that has 122 up-steps. The second half, rolls up and down along PV Drive along the ocean side of Palos Verdes about half way around the peninsula visiting a couple of stairway clusters en route, with only one large stairway with 125 up-steps.

Start Location: Pacific Coast Highway and Western Ave, which is bus accessible via Metro Bus Line 205 on Pacific Coast Highway, that will connect to the Metro A (Blue) Line Train.

Finish Location: Palos Verdes Drive West and Hawthorne Blvd, which is bus accessible on weekends via Metro Bus Line 344 to the Artesia Transit Center and the Metro A (Blue) Line Train.


Post-walk selfie at the 7-Eleven on 8 Oct 2016. Oh thank heaven I finished!