Segment A

Segment A – From Long Beach to San Pedro – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 20.4 miles     82 stairways     1,321 up-steps     Total Climb: ~1,000 feet

Facebook Event on 24 Sep 2016

Facebook Event on 22 Apr 2018

Official Finishers:
Dan Gutierrez on 24 Sep 2016 | Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Evelyn Sanchez, Jane Fransella, Dave and Kristy Moorman on 18 Mar 2017 | Jeff Rozema, Maribel Sanchez, Matty Barriga, Kathy Lopez, Teresa Cavazos on 29 Apr 2017 | Olivia Oshimo on 15 Aug 2017 | Luis Prado on 16 Sep 2017 | Gaelle Gralnek on 7 Oct 2017 | Maria Casillas, James Peterson on 9 Dec 2017 | Alfredo Salgado on 31 Mar 2018 | Rene Ditton on 29 Jul 2018 | Marla Stephenson Thornton on 26 Dec 2018 | Lisa Digger, Corinna Koebnick on [TBD date] | Kate McKena, Mary Dang, Laura Kitagawa, Kay Brown, Melody Baylor, Sandy Hobson, Lisa Ung, Mitzi Lacebal, Caroline Shahin, Mitesh Damania on 5 Feb 2023 | Olga Leanos, Pam Graham Nelson, Christina Kazas Lates, Lisa Winger on 18 Jun 2023 | Larry Blood, Christine Tang on 1 Jul 2023 | Who will be next?

Route Description Hyperlapse Video of Segment A

Cities/Regions: Long Beach [including: Naples, Belmont Shore, Bluff Park, Alamitos Beach, Downtown, Willmore], Ports of LA and LB, Wilmington, San Pedro

Route Features: This route has low elevation gain, and is not difficult, though it is a bit of a changeling. The first half is a fairly flat and pleasant beach city walk with 56 small to medium step-count stairways, with about 50/50 up/down climbing, almost all on stairways. The second half, still flat, is much more of a gray industrial tour of the northern parts of the ports of LB and LA, with some visits to older working class neighborhoods north and west of the ports..

Start Location: The start of segment A, also the start/end of the entire 308 mile LA Loop, is on Naples Island, at the Naples Fountain at the south end of Ravenna Dr, in the center of the loop, which is bus accessible via Long Beach Transit (LBT) Bus Line 121, which can be picked up by walking two blocks north to the corner of 2nd Street and Ravenna Dr, and will take you to the DTLB Transit Plaza and the Metro A (Blue) Line Train.

Finish Location: Westmont Dr and Western Ave, which is bus Accessible via Metro Bus Line 205 on Western Ave, which will take you to the Metro A (Blue) Line Train.

Post Seg A2 Selfie

The first 7 official finishers of the Segment A from 18 March 2017: Dan Gutierrez, Dave Moorman, Jane Fransella, Kristy Moorman, Evelyn Sanchez, Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer