The Los Angeles Loop is a 310 mile, 15 segment stair-walk spanning urban Los Angeles County. The loop climbs just under 34,000 feet as it traverses 474 stair-streets, and 307 stairways that are not stair-streets, for a total of 781 stairways, with 31,164 total up-steps and 8,804 total down-only stair-steps, for an average of 78% up-steps, and 22% down-only-steps [as of 1/5/2019]. The loop is a large clockwise route, starting/ending on Naples Island in Long Beach, in the southeast corner of Los Angeles County.

The average segment length of the 15 segments is a 20.5 miles, ranging from 20.0 to 20.9 miles. The set of stair-streets traversed represents well over 90% of total number of stair-streets that we know of in LA County. The few we omitted are isolated or far afield, and not easily included in the route, though we have included options to traverse a handful of stairways that are on the Inman 300, but not part of the main LA Loop.

Each segment starts and ends at either a rail station or bus accessible location to aid those who may choose to use transit, or drive and use transit to return to their vehicles at the end of each segment. Additionally, transit information has been added in the middle of each segment for those what may want to do the loop as 30 half-segments; see the 15 segment maps for details.

Also, there is a Facebook photo album entitled, Los Angeles Loop Summary, showing the overall 2016 version Google route map, summary table, the GPS tracks of all 15 of the segment walks, and a finishers table.

Additionally, there is a LA/LB Loop Segment Walks group on Facebook, where members join to make doing segment walks easier, by contacting each other to find walking partners, and report their progress on the segments. In addition there are some sub-groups of segment walkers doing the loop in roughly 10 mile half-segments walks. Because of this, I publish a table of half-segment finishers to LA Loop Segment Walks group so those doing the loop in 30 half-Segments can track their progress. If you plan to do half or full Segment walks, then please join the group!

How to receive website credit for completing Segments or Half-Segments:
Some kind of proof that you walked a half-segment or full segment is required for you to be officially credited with completion of a segment or half-segment. So please provide a GPS track of your walk. This can be done on your phone with a GPS tracking app, like Runkeeper, MapMyWalk, Galileo, and/or others. When you complete a segment of half-segment, please send me a screenshot of your route track, and I will add you to the appropriate segment or half segment finishers tables.