Reception and Popularity of #staircandy

After completing #staircandy, Carla O’Brien and Mandon Bossi were confident the bright and cheerful artwork would be embraced, and not reviled and painted over, and it was indeed embraced. This once dark, eerie stairway brought a cheerfulness, light and love to the children across the street at Micheltorena Elementary School, to Silver Lake locals, to people exercising up and down the Stairs, and the many visitors coming to the neighborhood to take photos. The Micheltorena Stairs with #staircandy artwork have become an iconic stopping point for tourists and locals alike and quickly “went viral” and became the most photographed stairway in Los Angeles. #staircandy has been featured in global brand commercials, including TJ Maxx; even one for Instagram. The art has also been used in many photoshoots, and big name movies, as well as the smallest of independent ones. One time when Carla was doing a touch-up paint, there was even a guy proposing on the steps, and Teresa (Tacy) Padua from the Hollywood Sunset Free Medical Clinic next door says every Valentine’s Day there are numerous couples taking photos, and she has also seen marriage proposals, and even seen a wedding dress or two on #staircandy for photos over the years. What follows are selected #staircandy photos

#staircandy was “the place” to take selfies, and group photos from 2016 onward Top left: Annie Glenn – Top right: Southern California Magazine – Bottom left – The Babywearing Mommas – Bottom right: Karli Mullane

In the above photo, the Babywearing Mommas were a group of mothers carrying their infant children up the painted stairways of Silver Lake, including #staircandy!

#staircandy in 2018 – Photo credit: Howard Petersen

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