Segment C


Segment C – Palos Verdes to Torrance – View Google MapView Photos

Distance: 20.2 miles     39 stairways     1,887 up-steps     Total Climb: 3,180 feet

Facebook Event on 22 Oct 2016

Facebook Event on 19 May 2018

Cities/Regions: Palos Verdes, Lunada Bay, Malaga Cove, Torrance Riviera, Torrance

Official Finishers:
Dan Gutierrez, Jason Songhurst, Jonathan Chaalan on 22 Oct 2016 | Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Evelyn Sanchez on 4 Mar 2017 | Dave and Kristy Moorman, John and Olivia Oshimo on 10 Jun 2017 | Jeff Rozema, Kathy Lopez, Teresa Cavazos, Alfredo Salgado, Maria Casillas on 24 Jun 2017 | Luis Prado on 12 Aug 2017 | Maribel Sanchez, Matty Barriga on 26 Aug 2017 | James Peterson on 10 Feb 2018 | Gaelle Gralnek, Marla Stephenson Thornton on 19 May 2018 | Jane Fransella on 15 Jul 2018 | Lisa Digger, Corinna Koebnick on 16 Feb 2019 | Who will be next?

Route Features: Starting at a shopping center, segment C has two major climbs early in the upscale neighborhoods in Palos Verdes (PV), offering great ocean views, climbing 4 of the 5 longest stairways of the entire segment, two of them having more than 200 steps. The route then descends back to the bottom of the hill at Lunada Bay for lunch. After lunch, the route winds through lower elevation neighborhoods and one park traversing 8 stairways, then follows the gently rolling median gravel path on PV Drive West, heading northward toward Malaga Cove. At the cove, the route winds through a hilly set of 10 stairways, offering outstanding views of both the coastline from Redondo Beach northward, as well as the Spanish style homes in the neighborhoods below. Finally the route descends through the Torrance Riviera to the end at at a shopping center.

Start Location: Palos Verdes Drive West and Hawthorne Blvd, which is bus accessible on weekends via Metro Bus Line 344 to the Artesia Transit Center.

Finish Location: Calle Mayor and Pacific Coast Highway, which is bus accessible on weekends via Metro Bus Line 232 along Pacific Coast Highway to the Metro Silver Line Bus and the Metro Blue Line Train.

Transit Connections: Finish to Start: From Calle Mayor at Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) to Palos Verdes Dr West at Hawthorne, take Metro Bus Line 232 east along PCH to Hawthorne, and then transfer to Metro Bus Line 344 south on Hawthorne, to Palos Verdes Dr West to the start of the segment.
DTLA to Start: Take the Metro Silver Line Bus to the Harbor Gateway Transit Center, and transfer to the Metro Bus Line 344, taking it southeast, ultimately ending at Hawthorne at PV Dr West, the start of the segment.
Finish to DTLA: On the return trip, take Metro Bus Line 232 east to the  Metro Silver Line Bus to DTLA at the PCH station on the I-110 freeway. Do note that the Silver Line serves both the 7th/Metro Station and Union Station, thus providing links to the Blue, Red, Purple, Expo, and Gold Metro Rail Lines.

Route Description:
Miles 0-5: The segment begins at Hawthorne and climbs up the hill on the north side to Via Rivera then on Rue De La Pierre to the first stairway, the Pt Vicente Pathway, 217 wooden up-steps taking one to Calle De Los Suenos, turn left and descends, and then climb a long hill. At about the 1 mile mark, the street changes name to Crest Rd, and after passing the 2 mile mark a shopping center at Hawthorne Blvd is reached. Continue up the hill on Crest and turn right onto La Croix for a short block then left onto Sattes Dr, wich runs parallel to Crest, and follow it to an apparent dead end. There is actually a sidewalk cut-through to the left putting you on Sea Breeze Ave, continue along Sea Breeze and at the end of the row of houses to your right, you will find the Sea Breeze Trail, take it down the hill, and right after it crosses a small concrete footbridge, there is a stairway to the right that serves the spillway, take the 117 steps up to the end of a cul-de-sac street names, Sail View Ave. Continue east on Sail View past the 3 mile mark continuing to the dead end. There is a gate that is not locked, you may have to search for it, and go through it to reach a dirt path on the west side of High Ridge Road. Take the path north one block back to Crest Rd, turn right and cross Highridge, heading east on the walking path paralleling Crest. Continue to Whitley Collins, and turn right and enter the neighborhood via the left side opening in the gate, and almost immediately, turn left onto Santa Barbara Dr. Take it until you reach a fork, and go right then in a few steps turn left onto Valley view road, passing the 4 mile mark and exiting the gated neighborhood, making a right onto the walkway on Crenshaw Blvd. Follow the walkway as it veers left to be adjacent to Crenshaw, and after passing some flower bushes, a green painted metal fence with brick fence poles is reached. Turn hard right at the brick post, and head down the dirt path to an entrance to the nature preserve. This is the start of the Rattlesnake Canyon Trail (yes, Palos Verdes has occasional rattlesnakes). From the entrance, you will notice that there is a stairway in front of you along the canyon face. This is the 273 step spillway stairway you will be soon climbing. To get to the bottom, take the trail to the left and downward, winding down the canyon on white chalky material, which is slippery when dry, and more like black ice when wet, so if it rains just before this walk, or on the walk, use boots or shoes with a good tread. Continue down the trail and after rounding bend to the right, you will be heading straight toward the ocean. As you descend you will see the stairway to your right. There is a short cut-through trail just above the mouth of the spillway, where the stairway starts. Take this narrow path to your right, down to the start of the 273 step Rattlesnake Canyon Spillway Stairway. The stairway is very narrow, so it is a tight fit if other fitness walkers are going down the stairway as you climb it. At the top of the stairway, continue up the paved path through a small circle, make a bend to the left, reaching San Clemente Dr. Turn left onto San Clemente, take it to Valley View (you were here before reaching the stairway), and turn right, then turn left onto the trail paralleling Crenshaw, following it to the intersection with Crest Rd. At the intersection cross both Crest and Crenshaw, ending up on the NE corner on the downhill side of Crenshaw. Follow the sidewalk down the hill down past Crestridge, passing the 5 mile mark, reaching the intersection with Indian Peak Rd, ending this section of the route.

Miles 5-10: Cross Crenshaw on Indian Peak and continue along the SW (left side) of the street, you’ll see a stairway railing to the right, keep going, and shortly after the divided road comes back together, you will notice a stairway railing at the right, at the head of the 4th parking stall, sometimes partially obscured by parked cars. Take this stairway down, and watch for the bad hand rail on the top flight. Follow the stairway down on 4 flights, to reach the bottom (parking) level. Walk down to the road, Deep Valley Drive.If you need a break, turn left and there is water and restrooms at the nearby Starbucks. To continue onward, turn right, heading southeast until reaching a stairway between a pair of identical buildings with Spanish tile roofs. This stairway is tricky. After taking the obvious center stairways, you end at a wall. Turn to the right, and when you get past the building to the right, turn left and use an interior stairway to climb up another level, then turn right to head along a lighted path toward the middle of the buildings. You will see another stairway heading up and to the right. Take that zig-zagging stairway all the way up to the top at Indian Peak Rd. Turn left and follow the dirt path back to Crenshaw, turn right and cross the street continuing southwest, up the hill. Turn right onto Crestridge, and continue up the sidewalk, passing the 6 mile mark and continuing up to Highridge. Cross Highridge, and turn right onto the sidewalk, and after passing 3 homes, you will see a stairway to your left. Take it up, and the gate at the top is NOT locked, so open it and continue down a few steps and continue straight ahead on Via Costa Verde. As the road bends to the right, take the stairway on the opposite side of the street, heading roughly in the same direction of Via Costa Verde. At the end of this mostly down stairway , jog right slightly across the street to the nest stairway, and take it down to end up on Via Malona. Turn right on Via Malona and continue to the next block, and use the small stairway slightly to the right to climb up to Amara Spring Rd. Cross the street and turn right, following Amara Springs back to Highridge. Go left on Highridge, passing the 7 mile mark, continuing another 1/3 mile to Ridgegate, turn right and climb the hill. At the crest of the hill there is a smal park to the left. At the back of the park is a concrete step stairway with interesting pipework hand rails. Take it up to Covecrest Drive, then go right and down the fairly steep hill, the road changes name to Seamount, and continues down to Hawthorne Blvd. Cross Hawthorne, and after a short block, turn left on Lomo passing the 8 mile mark, then right on Abbotswood, through upscale neighborhoods, with great ocean views, continuing down the hill. Turn right on Geronimo, then left on Clovercliff, which ends at Golden Meadow Dr. Across the street there is a small park with a pathway, that allows walkers to cut-through to the streets below. At the end of the walkway, turn right onto Via Castilla (no sidewalks here, so watch for traffic), and take it downhill and northwest to Via Romero, making a left to continue steeply downward passingthe 9 mile mark of the walk. At the end of an s-bend, on your left is the Sanchez Path Stairway, take the 18 steps down, and walk down the dirt trail to catch a small flight of steps at the bottom at Via Sanchez. Take Via Sanchez to yhe right, and right again when it dumps into Via Olivera, continuing to the top of a park between the homes to your left. This is the 87 step Via Carrillo Park Stairway, which will be taken downward (and later upward after lunch), through the park to the bottom at Via Carrillo. Continue to the right and follow Via Carrillo down to the fountain at Lunada Bay at PV Drive West. Cross PV Drive and take a lunch break at the Lunada Bay Commercial Center at mile 10 of the route, concluding this section.

Miles 10-15: From mile 10 just past mile 13 the route climbs 8 stairways. This begins by heading back from the Lunada Bay Commercial Center to PV Dr W, and entering the median gravel walkway, and taking it to the right, southeast, for 8/10ths of a mile to Via De La Guerra to the left (to the right is Via Anacapa) and follow it past a kink to the left, and look right, there is a space between houses that looks like an empty lot, but is actually part of the Pio Pico Hillside Trail. At the back of the open area is a small ~25 step stairway, take it up and turn left and continue on the trail passing mile 11, until it empties into Tyburn Road. Go right on Tyburn, and left on Via Rivera, continuing to the  intersection with Paseo Lunado. To your right is a wide trail heading up the canyon to the right of the spillway. Take the trail and look to your right, and note that hidden in the shade of a large tree is the 114 step Lunada Canyon Stairway diagonaling off to the right and up. Take 114 step the stairway up, and at the top turn around and go back down the stairway all the way back down to Via Rivera. I do try to avoid turnarounds, but there is no short way to loop back to the main route! At Via Rivera, take it to the right, and then turn right onto Via Carrillo, following it around a bend to the left, then looking to the right is the entrance to a set of 4 stairways with 110 total steps. After climbing the 4 stairways, turn right onto Via Zumaya, and follow it downhill past mile 12, continuing around a nearly 180 degree curve to the intersection with Via Carrillo taking it for the 3rd time today, this time to the right, and continue past two streets to the bottom of Via Carrillo park. At the park walk up the trail and 87 step stairway you descended before lunch, turning left at the top and taking Via Romero veering to the right to enter the parking lot at PV Intermediate School. There is a water faucet on the building to the right and planters to sit to take a water/snack/rest break, if needed. From the parking lot, continue southeast, and up a 13 wooden step stairway to Via Olivera turning left and continuing past mile 13 to the pathway before reaching Via Coronel, turning left again and taking it down the hill to right side of the creek bed. Stay to the right and follow the creek, and as the trail veers to the right and away from the creek, there is a cut-across trail that leads back to the creek to your left. Take that trail and use the stairway, 7 down and 9 up steps, to cross the creek to the left (south) side. From there take the trail downhill (west) past the baseball diamonds to PV Drive West. Cross to the median of PV Drive, and turn right onto the gravel path between the two directions of PV Drive. Follow the path to the northeast passing the 14 mile mark, and continue to the left side on PV Dr after the divided road converges. Go in the same direction for another 9/10ths of a mile, rounding a bend about 1/10th of a mile past the intersection with Paseo Del Mar, and go down the Chino Path to your left, which at the bottom end, has a 26 step stairway you descend to Via Almar. Turn right, and you will reach the 15 mile mark, ending this section of the route.

Miles 15-20: Continue eastward on Via Almar to just past the intersection with Via Aromitas, and to the right is a stairway of Palos Verdes Drive West. The upper part of the stairway has a combination of stepping stones and concrete steps. At PV drive, turn left and keep going east until you are across from the bottom of the fire-road across the street. Look carefully in both directions, and cross when there is a gap in the fast traffic. Be patient, a gap will come, but it might require some waiting. Once across, continue up the Lower La Costa Fire Station Trail and at the first fork, go left, up the hill, and shortly thereafter comes a second fork, and go right and climb the 141 step Arriba Path Stairway. The top flight of the stairway ends on Via Arriba, go left and up hill to Via Del Monte, turn left again, and stay to the right side of the road, between two houses is a palm tree lined walkway leading up to the 87 step Somonte Canyon Path Stairway which has an attractive stone and concrete design. Turn left at the top on to Via Somonte and take it past the 16 mile mark, around the large switchback bend to the left and turn right when it dumps into Via Del Monte. Continue down (eastward) on Via Del Monte, and look to the left for the  Buena Path Stairway, nestled tightly between a retaining wall and some trees, and easy to miss. The bottom of the Buena Path ends onto a frontage portion of PV Dr West, go left and when the frontage reaches the main PV Dr, which you will need to cross a second time. Look carefully in both directions, and cross when there is a gap in the fast traffic. Be patient, a gap will come, but it might require some waiting.Once across, head westward, and on your right will be the 35 step Arroyo Path Stairway, leading downward to the Malaga Cove School, which has very interesting Spanish style architecture, at Via Almar. Cross the street to the school side, and follow Via Almar to the east passing mile 17 on the way around a bend up and to the right, and turn right on Via del Puente. To the left is a Veterans Memorial, with a 13 step Memorial Garden Stairway leading up to it. Climb the stairs and walk through the memorial garden to the intersection of PV Drive W and Via Corta and cross PV Dr on Via Corta and then turn left on the access road to the shopping center, continuing east and around the building to the right. This is the plaza with the Neptune Fountain, a popular meet-up point for runners and hikers. Continue winding around the building to your right and enter an access way between buildings heading back to Via Corta. Go up the 20 step brick stairway, and turn left on Via Corta and continue up the hill to Farnham Martin Park, which has a fountain and a number of stairways leading up to Via Pinale at the upper end of the park. head left, eastward on Via Pinale, and take the left fork onto Via Ramon, heading uphill past the Ramon Triangle, to the Chico Path Stairway, located between houses, that connects down to another trail leading further downward and continuing on the Via Chico roadway. On Via Chico continue northward down to Malaga Lane where you will have a nice view of the brickwork arch, which you the route not pass under, because it veers to the right on Malaga Lane, and then bends to the left onto Via Tejon, veering left to the start of a trail leading down to and follwoing Palos Verdes Drive West to the intersection with Palos Verdes Drive North. Use the crosswalk, but watch for traffic, and continue on up the hill trail on the opposite side, by taking the immediate right trail fork, continuing to the intersection with the Jose Path South. Turn left on this path, and follow it onto Via Jose, passing mile 18, and back onto a trail until it ends in a “T” with the Boundary Trail. Go right on the boundary trail and take it to Via Alameda, head left, and follow Via Alameda into the Torrance Riviera area. The sequence you follow on streets with no sidewalks, is Via Alameda, right on Calle De Aragon, left on Calle Miramar at the grassy triangle, then continue down Calle Miramar, crossing Calle Mayor, then right on Via Bonita, passing the 19 mile mark and continuing until it Ts into Via Buena Ventura. Go right until Via Buena Ventura ends at Vista Del Parque. Across Vista Del Parque to the left is the entrance to the stairway leading down to El Retiro Park. Once in the park, continue northeast across the park, and exit via the paved ramp back onto Vista Del Parque, at the intersection with Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Stay on the south side of PCH and follow it over to top of a slight rise, then down more steeply to the intersection with Calle Mayor, crossing PCH to the northeast corner.


Post segment C1 selfie: 22 Oct 2016. L-R: Dan Gutierrez, Jason Songhurst, Jonathan Chaalan


Post segment C2 selfie: 4 Mar 2017. L-R: Dan G., Pat and Elizabeth Schirmer, Evelyn Sanchez

Post C3 Selfie 10Jun2017-800w

Post Segment C3 selfie: 10 Jun 2017 L-R: Olivia & John Oshimo, Kristy & Dave Moorman

Congratulations, you have reached the 20 mile mark and the finish of the segment!

Stairway Data Table

Seg# SS# SW# In-300 Zip Stairway Name Up Down
C01 57 J29 90275 Pt Vicente Pathway 217
C02 77 N/A 90275 Sail View Ave Spillway 117
C03 78 N/A 90275 Rattlesnake Canyon Spillway 273
C04 58 N/A 90275 Deep Valley/Indian Pk NW 84
C05 59 K5 90275 Deep Valley/Indian Pk SE 136
C06 79 N/A 90275 Penninsula Com Ch Pk Lt 9
C07 80 N/A 90275 Pk Lot/Pen Comm Church 22
C08 81 N/A 90275 Crestridge/Pen Com Church 10
C09 82 N/A 90275 Pen Com Church/Parking Lot 42
C10 83 N/A 90275 Crestridge/Pen Com Ch Pk Lt 13
C11 84 N/A 90275 Ridgecrest School West 49 49
C12 60 K4 90275 Via Costa Verde 29 4
C13 61 K3 90275 Via Porto Grande 4 22
C14 62 K2 90275 Via Malona S 7 27
C15 85 N/A 90275 Via Malona N 5
C16 63 K1 90275 Ridgegate Dr/Covecrest Dr 34
C17 64 J24 90274 Sanchez Path 22
C18 65 J28 90274 Lunada Canyon 114
C19 66 J27 90274 Carrillo/Zumaya 55
C20 86 N/A 90274 Zumaya/Valdes 7
C21 67 J26 90274 Olivera/Valdes 10
C22 68 J25 90274 Valdez/Zumaya 38
C23 69 J23 90274 Via Carrillo/Via Romero 87 87
C24 87 N/A 90274 PVIS Stairway 13
C25 88 N/A 90274 PVHS Stairway 22
C26 89 N/A 90274 PVHS/Via Pacheco S 45
C27 90 N/A 90274 PVHS/Via Pacheco N 22
C28 70 J22 90274 Chino Path 26
C29 71 J21 90274 Aromitas Path 20
C30 72 J16 90274 Arroyo Path 35
C31 73 J18 90274 Buena Path 124 60
C32 74 J20 90274 Ariba Path 141
C33 75 J19 90274 Somonte Trail 87 87
C34 91 N/A 90274 Memorial Garden Stairs 13
C35 92 N/A 90274 Plaza/Via Corta 20
C36 93 N/A 90274 Via Corta (Farnham-Martin) 44
C37 76 J17 90274 Chico Path 28
C38 94 N/A 90277 Buena Ventura/Retiro Park 31
Total Stair Steps —> 1870 521
Total Stair-Streets —> 20
Total Non Stair-St Stairs –> 18