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The Los Angeles Loop is a 305 mile, 15 segment clockwise stair-walking loop around and through urban Los Angeles County. The 2021 version of the LA Loop climbs just over 33,000 feet as it traverses 477 stair-streets, and 331 stairways that are not stair-streets, for a total of 808 stairways, with 31,663 total up-steps and 9,051 total down-only stair-steps, for an average of 78% up-steps, and 22% down-only-steps. The loop starts/ends on Naples Island in Long Beach, in the far southeastern corner of Los Angeles County.  Click Full Overview link above for more information about the loop, and note that each of the 15 Segments, labeled A – O, is a 19.7 to 20.9 mile stair-walk that has its own Google map and full hyperlapse video – see link above, and Segment Page – see link below. Also linked below are the segment statistics, finishers, and the inaugural GPS track poster of the full loop.

Segment Statistics and Finishers Tables

Full LA Loop Finishers with Photos!

Segment Pages for all 15 Segments A – O

2016-2017 Inaugural Loop GPS Track Poster

2023 LA Loop Google Map Finishers Poster

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