Segment C

Segment C – Heartwell Park East to The Walter Pyramid – View MapView Photos

Distance: 14.8 miles            5 stairways           50 up-steps            Total Climb: 315 feet

Facebook Event on 18 Dec 2017

Official Finishers: See Main LB Loop Page for segment finishers table

Segment Highlights: Segment C starts at the far eastern end of Heartwell Park crossing a footbridge to head south along the San Gabriel River path to enter and visit the three lakes of Eldorado Regional park, crossing 6 footbridges en route. From there we head out on a northwesterly course to Willow then west, using a southward ped tunnel under the 405 freeway and passing through a park and some residential streets to reach the lunch stop, at Ximeno between Los Coyotes Diagonal and Atherton, near the Long Beach Traffic Circle. After lunch the route goes around the south side of the circle, and visits a pair of stairways, three parks and a ped bridge along Pacific Coast Highway. Then we zig-zag, following the route of the long defunct Newport Red Car Line, viewing two works of Red Car art, and 3 parks, with an added side leg to visit beautiful and unexpected Rose Park, which sits in a circular road in a quiet residential neighborhood. After the Red Car line, we head northeastthrough Recreation Park, then into a quiet neighborhood visiting a park, then leaving via a footbridge over a flood control channel to reach Atherton again, which we follow east to the big blue Walter Pyramid, as the north side of Cal State University Long Beach, where the segment ends.

Start Location: Heartwell Park E, on Carson st at Los Coyotes Diagonal, which is transit accessible from LBT Bus Line 173, which heads south on Studebaker.

Finish Location: The Walter Pyramid, which is on Atherton St at Merriam Way, and is transit accessible via LBT Bus Line 173 along Atherton St.

Transit Connections: (refer to the light purple line on the Google map of Segment C)

Finish to Start: Take LBT Bus Line 173 from the finish on Atherton eastward, directly back to the start, on Carson at Los Coyotes Diagonal.

DTLA to Start: Take the Metro Blue Line Train south to the Willow Station, exit and walk south to Willow St and take the LBT Bus Line 102 to Carson St and Los Coyotes Diagonal, at the far eastern end of Heartwell Park, where the walk starts.

Finish to DTLA: Take the LBT Bus Line 102 to the Willow Station, at Willow and LB Blvd, then take the Metro Blue Line Train north to DTLA.

Segment Stairway Data Table

Seg# SS# SW# Zip Stairway Name Up Down
C01 54 90808 Stevely Ave 19 19
C02 21 90808 Shipway Ave 4
C03 55 90808 Methodist Church 10
C04 56 90804 Kaiser Long Beach S 7
C05 57 90804 Kaiser Long Beach N 14
Total Stair Steps —> 50 23
Total Stair-Streets —> 1
Total Non Stair-Street Stairways —> 4