LA County Stairways, Walkways, and Pedestrian Crossings

Click the blue letters on the map to see the stairways in the 27 lettered zip code zones:

                               Z                    AA

                                   Q       R       S                               W       X

                Y                I     J     K   M    O    T    V

                                                 L    N       P              U

                                               F              G        H


                                                    C             D

                                                 A        B

Having trouble finding your zone?
Use this Reverse Lookup Table to find the zone letter for each zip code.

Do you want to know what zip codes are in each zone?
Use this Zone Zip Codes Table to find the zip codes in each zone map.

Description of the 27 Zone maps labeled A-Z and AA above:
All stair-streets, stairways, walk-streets, walkways, pedestrian over and under crossings in LA County south of the San Gabriel Mountains that we know of, are now captured as a series of 27 Google maps, labeled A-Z and AA, with 10 zip code layers each (the max Google Maps allows) with colored symbols to denote the types of facilities, with the shape denoting the facility type, and the color denoting the number of stair-steps. Click a lettered link on the map above to open that zip code zone map.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bob Inman (his FB page is Guide to the Stairways of Los Angeles) for graciously sharing his findings with me, so this comprehensive set of maps could be assembled from our combined data, and made available to the entire stair-walking community.

Here is the shape symbol legend that is in each of the 27 zone maps:
Ped Facility Taxonomy
Shape meanings:
Circle = Stair-Street/Walk-Street [connects two streets]
Star = Stairs/Walkway; [does not connect two streets]
Square = POC [Pedestrian Over-Crossing, including foot bridges]
Diamond = PUC [Pedestrian Under-Crossing]
Red Triangle with ! = Functional but closed, usually gated/locked
Skull & Cross-Bones = Facility removed
Color meanings:
White/Lt Gray:    0 steps [walk-streets or walkways with no stairs]
Lt Green: < 10 steps [too small for the Inman 300 list]
Green:     10 – 39 steps
Yellow:    40 – 69 steps
Orange:   70 – 99 steps
Red:        100 – 129 steps
Purple:   130 – 159 steps
Lt Blue:  160 – 189 steps
Dk Blue: 190 – 219 steps
Black:     220 – 299 steps
Brown:   300 or more steps

We want your help in updating the maps!
These zip code zone maps are an evolving work in progress, so if you find new stair-streets, walk-streets, stairways, walkways or ped crossings, not already on a zip code layer, please send the info to me so I can assess and potentially include them in the zone map layers.  It would help if you could send me a link to a Google map with a marker on the facility, or a Google street view showing the facility.

Please send the info to me via email: Dan Gutierrez