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Historical Info for Selected Areas

1915 Los Angeles Map-Navy Blue-with date added

As part of the Los Angeles County stair-walking experience, we walk leaders strive to provide historical information about the areas in which we lead walks, especially since the history of land use, architecture, neighborhood development/evolution, transportation, the film industry, and art, often have connections to the stairways and other pedestrian facilities we include in our routes. What follows are links to a series of sub-pages with historical, photos, info, and links to sites covering to selected areas, so you can refer to them when any of the routes pass through these areas.

We will post these page links in the walks we lead, so you can check out the history before we walk through the area, or examine it after the fact! Enjoy!

Long Beach  [in development]

Rustic Canyon


Redondo Beach [future addition]

Hollywood [future addition]

Edendale [future addition]

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