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Dual Center-line GoPros on Klein Quantum

Klein Quantum Road bike with dual GoPro Hero 8 cameras, on special adapters to put the lenses on the bike center-line. GoPro cameras have the lens assembly 17mm of the central axis of the camera, yet all the mounts center the body of the camera, not the lens assembly! I also have use my old Galaxy S7 cell phone as my bike computer, and also use my present S10e for navigation and still photo taking, so there are two mounts on the handlebar. Also note that Bento Box up front and the Rear hanging bag carry batteries, so I can run the cameras much longer than the normal run time of the internal batteries in the GoPros.

 GoPro Hero 8 – 5X Timelapse Videos
[shot from Klein Quantum bicycle unless otherwise specified]

19.5 mile social distancing ride in East Long Beach [single camera]:

3.4 mile CSULB Loop [single camera]:

7.7 mile East Long Beach to Downtown Long Beach on Birdy Folder [single camera]:

17 mile SoDis Loop in East Long Beach [single camera]:

Front/Rear GoPros – 13 mile East Long Beach SoDis Loop on the Birdy

Front/Rear GoPros – CSULB + Puvungna + Japanese Garden + Pyramid Loop:

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